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10 professional services by “Charlie’s DJ and lighting”, a leading versatile entertainment provider for any kind of event in Los Angeles

    Photo by Charlie DJ and Lighting

    Looking for a professional who provides a variety of entertainment services for your party or event in Los Angeles can be challenging. Whether it is a live in-person, virtual, or hybrid based event, you must always make sure to entertain and treat your guests well by keeping them engaged, upbeat and interested. Entertainment is an often overlooked and important part of any kind of party or event in Los Angeles. Good entertainment allows guests to have ample fun and celebrate. When the energy of your event is high, the mood and atmosphere becomes very positive. Therefore, choosing the right source of entertainment is crucial to ensure the success of your party or event in Los Angeles.

    A party without proper lighting and music is good for nothing. When hosting a party or event in Los Angeles, the first and foremost deed you should consider is hiring a professional DJ and setting up decorous lightning. This is a great way to bring life to your party by entertaining and mesmerizing all your guests at once. It will most definitely spark the ambience of your celebration and illuminate your party.

    Photo by Charlie DJ and Lighting

    Charlie is an experienced event service provider supplying a wide range of entertainment services in and around Riverside, California. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, quinceanera, school event, corporate event, grand opening, holiday party, etc., Charlie and company are determined and willing to provide the best in order to make your event a huge success. Charlie is a specialized Disc Jockey who draws from a wide range of genres, so you can expect to hear everything from country and oldies to jazz, pop, and rock on your big night. His focus is to create an environment where people can make unforgettable memories, build connections, and turn dreams into reality. The company takes pride in its professionalism and is dedicated in showcasing a high-quality event at a reasonable price. They always attempt to make the crowd go wild and take any kind of party/ event to the next level. They assure that it will be a night to remember. Charlie and team are incredibly friendly and cooperative in fulfilling every single request and expectation of their clients and delivering them maximum satisfaction. You can just sit back and relax watching DJ Charlie and company uplifting your party with excitement and amusement. DJ Charlie Services will most certainly show an amazing experience to you and all of your guests catering all of their entertainment needs. 

    For more details or to book your special event with DJ Charlie, contact him via 951-858-8797 or email

    Photo by Charlie DJ and Lighting

    Charlie’s professional entertainment services

    At very reasonable prices, DJ Charlie offers amazing and satisfying services to make your big day special and memorable. Other than his personal strength that is DJ, Charlie has many package offerings like Photo Booths, String Lighting, Audiovisual Rental, and Draping. In addition, Bilingual MC, Decoration services, Sound and PA systems, and a do-not-play list are also available. If needed, extra equipment such as a a flat screen, a disco ball, a projector, and uplight can be provided by DJ Charlie Services. All in all, Charlie’s professional entertainment services are,  

    1. DJ services
    2. Photo Booth
    3. Bilingual MC
    4. Custom monograms
    5. String lighting
    6. Battery operated uplighting
    7. Whisper generator rental
    8. Stage lighting
    9. DMX lighting
    10. A/V rentals
    Photo by Charlie DJ and Lighting

    Importance of capturing the fun and entertainment of your amazing event in Los Angeles

    If you are planning to host an event or party, another important thing to consider other than DJ and lighting is event photography and videography. It is a great way to collect various captures showing different emotions and feelings of several important moments of the event. Hiring a professional Photographer or Videographer in Los Angeles is vital to capture all those precious moments and save it for the future.

    Similar to Charlie’s DJ and lightning, the Los Angeles Videographers also cover a wide range of events from weddings to cat funerals capturing picture perfect shots and filming your entire event. When Charlie uplifts your party with his music and lights, we, the Los Angeles Videographers will capture the excitement and glamor of you and your guests. Our experienced crew have a sharp set of eyes to distinguish and highlight the best emotions and moments amidst the brightest as well as dimmest lights of your event.

    We will be there, but you won’t even know that we are filming you. Not only the dancing and fun having, we will snap and shoot the entire experience of your event in an easy and convenient manner for you and your guests. Our team is always open to your suggestions and requests, always trying to provide our customers with high-quality photos and movie-like videos. These captures can be valued and treasured for a lifetime.

    Contact us now, to capture and cover the fun and entertainment of your amazing event in Los Angeles!

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