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Weddings to cat funerals, we have done it  all.  (nope, not kidding) We take great pride in keeping our prices reasonable. Even though we had the pleasure of working with billionaires and millionaires, we delight in servicing underserved, underrepresented minority communities.  

If you are looking for Videographer in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place.

At Los Angeles Videographers LLC, We approach your videos with a cinematic mindset. 

Our videographers have graduated from top film schools like UCLA & USC. 

We have years of experience filming different types of events, tv commercials, youtube videos, music videos, tv shows and independent movies. 

Last year, we finished our first feature film ! it will soon be available on a major streaming platform.(hushhush) 

AffordableLos Angeles Videographer at a wedding with the camera

Some Of Our Corporate Clients

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Los Angeles Videographers LLC helped clients get 10 Million + Views
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