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Los Angeles based Family Entertainer and Kids Birthday Specialist: Christopher T. Magician

Magicians are one of the most popular and priority picks when it comes to entertainment for special events, for all age groups. There is this one magician in Los Angeles who is quite unique in a sense of his skill, style, and talent. Entering Christopher T, the not-so-traditional magician.

So, who is Christopher? According to how we see, he is a great character filled with joy, happiness, laughter, and full of energy, ready to be spread among his audience. When we first met him in a birthday party that we was videoing, we were surprised of his signature ride, a simple purple scooter. From the very moment he arrived, there were excitement, joy, and full of laughter. In much simpler words, the audience loved it from start to finish.

We met him not once, nor twice, but several times during our journey. Each and every time we saw him and his audience, we found the humorous vibe circling throughout the air. When we were going through those moments, we realized that there were absolutely no dull moments nor negative energy from literally anyone. You can click here to get more information about him.

His performances can be identified as tailor-made for his audience, especially for the children. He is one of the most interactive and friendly magicians we have ever seen. As soon as he arrives, wheeling down in his scooter, he begins the show and spreads the joy. There are no additional preparations, nor breakdown times, nor any special setups required for him to make his performance a memorable one. Just continuous fun, enjoyment, and laughter throughout the entire event.

After two decades performing for family audience, he had learned the trick to make kids sit quietly and attentively to watch his magic shows and fun activities. The trick is to divert the kids into another dimension of fun, joy and excitement. Every great magic show needs interactivity and he possess this art with confidence. The more you see and interact with him, the more he proves how astonishing and how good he actually is.

Not only he performs well on stage, he is also a good teacher when it comes to teaching his techniques and experiences. His books, “BEYOND LOOK DON’T SEE: FURTHERING THE ART OF CHILDREN’S MAGIC” and “JUST FOR FUN” are quite popular among the present community. He had also released a few DVDs about his teaching methods and techniques.

So, what else we have to say? We, Los Angeles Videographers know how good he is and we want you and your love ones to experience that too. We would always be there to capture those moments for you, so that you can admire those inspirational memories and share them with your loved ones.

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