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7 Fascinating Kinds of Elementary School Concerts for Kids

    Is there a school concert around the corner and you can’t decide on a performance for your little kindergartners? Well, you’ve come to the right page!

    There are many different types of elementary school concerts, each with its own unique styles and approaches. Concerts provide an opportunity for little ones to showcase their talents, develop their skills, and gain confidence in stage performance. It is also a fun and entertaining experience and helps the kids to build unity and teamwork within themselves.

    The Los Angeles Videographers has compiled a list of different kinds of elementary school concerts for which we provide our videography and photography services. 

    Here are some different kinds of elementary school concerts that you can consider.

    Elementary School Concerts for Kids
    Photo by LAV LLC

    #1 Choir Concerts

    One of the most common types of elementary school concerts is a choir concert. These concerts typically feature a group of students singing together in harmony, accompanied by a piano or other musical performance. Choirs can be divided by grade level or skill level and may include different styles of music such as classical, folk, or pop. These concerts are a great way for students to develop their singing skills, learn about different types of music, and work together as a team to create a beautiful harmonic performance.

    #2 Instrumental Concerts

    Instrumental concerts feature students playing musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, or trumpet. Just like choir concerts, you can divide the participants by grade level or skill level and may include a variety of musical styles. These concerts are a great way for students to gain confidence in performing in front of a huge audience.

    #3 Dance Performances

    Photo by LAV LLC

    Dance performances can feature traditional folk dances, contemporary dance routines, or a combination of both. Dancing can be a great way for students to develop their coordination, balance, and artistic expression. They also provide an opportunity for students to work together as a team to create an eye-catching and entertaining performance.

    #4 Drama Productions

    In addition to music and dance, drama productions are another kind of concert that is included in many elementary schools. These productions may be based on popular children’s books or stories and may include all acting, singing, and dancing. Drama productions can be a great way for students to develop their storytelling skills and their public speaking abilities. 

    Watching a drama performance as a parent or teacher can be a memorable experience as these little actors can bring characters and stories to life. 

    #5 Holiday Concerts

    Photo by LAV LLC

    Many elementary schools host holiday concerts during special national holidays. These concerts typically feature music, dance, and drama performances based on popular holiday themes such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving. Holiday concerts can be a great way to celebrate the season and bring together students and their families in a fun and festive atmosphere.

    #6 Talent Shows

    Photo by LAV LLC

    Talent shows are another must-see type of elementary school concert for kids. These shows provide a platform for students to showcase their unique talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or even performing a comedy routine. Talent shows are a great way for kids to gain confidence, express their creativity, and receive recognition for their unique work and dedication. They also give the children an opportunity to appreciate and learn from each other’s diverse talents and interests.

    #7 Graduation Ceremonies

    Photo by LAV LLC

    At the end of the year, many elementary schools host graduation ceremonies to celebrate their kindergartner’s academic performances. Graduation ceremonies typically feature speeches by teachers and administrators, recognition of student achievements, and also musical performances by students. It is a great way to honor and respect the accomplishments of your students and provide a closure for the school year.

    The Los Angeles Videographers

    A professional videography and photography service is a must-have for any event or occasion. Hiring professional cameramen to capture the performances can provide a lasting and meaningful memory for everyone involved. 

    The Los Angeles Videographers can help you capture the entire concert, including the behind-the-scenes preparations and the reactions of the audience. We can help you enhance the experience of your elementary school concert by preserving the memories and allowing the students to relive the moment for years to come.
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