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“AIDE” – DJ & Photobooth entertainment for your party in Los Angeles

    AIDE serves any kind of party in Los Angeles.

    Any kind of party is mainly known for its lights and music. If you are looking for a wide range of colorful lights with extraordinary music for your party in Los Angeles to make your party a memorable one, Ferdinand Castro is your guy. He can simply “illuminate” your party and make it a night to remember for ages.


    Ferdinand Castro who represents the Audio Industries Direct Entertainment (AIDE) is a professional DJ who is at the top of the list of entertainment in Los Angeles. He adds more thrill and joy to your party in Los Angeles than any other DJ. DJ Ferdinand who is the best in town for party music fulfills a role that is more complicated than simply queuing up music. He is most certainly the best source of entertainment for your next party or event.

    DJ Ferdinand is also capable of hosting your party in a way that exposes and uplifts it on another level. He produces a high level of energy throughout the entire party and motivates people to get into the dance floor. Ferdinand makes sure to promote the party with a much more interactive experience with the audience



    Photo by Audio Industries Direct Entertainment

    Other than DJ, AIDE also provides a PhotoBooth service to capture the pleasant memories of your priceless party. PhotoBooths by AIDE consist of a universe of backdrops and props in order to cater your photography needs. Their vast collection of backdrops and props perfectly matches the focused lights and DJ, adding color and glamour to the photographs taken at the booth. It makes your party much easier and stress free since it is the same vendor that provides a 3 in 1 service with their music, lights and photo booth facilities. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy your party to the max while the AIDE team will take control over your party and make it a huge success.

    The AIDE can be identified as the Master of Ceremony (MC) services for any kind of event – weddings, corporate events, social events, private events or any other. This DJ & PhotoBooth service has many years experience working from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. everyday in different kinds of parties all over Los Angeles. They exclusively program the music and operate all sound functions at your party making the crowd go wild. AIDE can transform the party hall with all the up lights and personalized monograms and take your party to the next level. 

    Specialty of Ferdinand’s Audio Industries Direct Entertainment for your party in Los Angeles

    Photo by Audio Industries Direct Entertainment

    • Interacting well with clients. 
    • Provides a professional customized service. 
    • Competitively priced.
    • Vastly experienced since 2006.
    • Consists with a wide range of nicely-blended lights and music.

    Compelling photos along with AIDE’s rocking music at your party in Los Angeles

    Photo by Audio Industries Direct Entertainment

    Ferdinand is an excellent DJ who can give “energy” to any kind of party in Los Angeles. This “energy” is worth capturing behind a camera. When colors blend beautifully with his inspiring music, mind-blowing images and footage can be captured. This strongly supports the Los Angeles Videography team to capture photos and videos perfectly at your party. Not only your dance movements and skills, but we also make sure to capture your HAPPINESS and GLAMOUR throughout the entire party. Our crew has a sharp set of eyes to witness you and your loved ones amidst the brightest as well in the dimmest lights and capture the key moments and best clicks of your party. 

    From start to finish of your party, we make sure that the entire process is easy and stress-free. Our team always listens to your suggestions, always trying to give you the best product. It would be a pleasure to share the space with AIDE’s team because they please our cameras with their amazing lights and music and make our lives much easier.

    Let us give value to your special day in Los Angeles. Contact us now!

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