Often Broll and Raw Footage is something no one pays attention to. These are most often, only used in the final video edit and then becomes of no use. 

Los Angeles Videographers LLC, won’t hesitate to give you B roll and Raw Footage collections for very affordable rates !

What is B roll and Raw Footage?

B roll

Raw Footage

B roll is the extra footage captured by the Videographers in multi -camera events. These footage are often useful to break the monotony of the video with different angles and video techniques. 

Raw Footage is the unedited long video shots the videographer originally have when they cover an event. These footage is what is censored and edited for a final video as per the client requirement


  • High Quality
  • Can be kept for future needs like highlight video, Trailers
  • Can be copied and edited
  • Can Used for any unique marketing strategies of your brand
  • Useful as an asset for customized video needs
B Roll and Raw Footage

You can have it all for the most affordable rates from Los Angeles Videographers LLC.

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