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Have you considered the usage of B roll and Raw Footage for your Los Angeles-based Event video-tape? If not, note down the following…

When it comes to videography, your Los Angeles-based Videographer can basically shoot the footage of your special event, celebration or gathering in 3 main forms, i.e., A roll, B roll and Raw Footage. The foremost and main footage your Los Angeles-based Videographer shoots on any kind of video project like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, concerts and such is referred to as A roll. It is the most significant footage and the best shots produced of your special event. However, B roll and Raw Footage is something no one pays attention to often. These are most often, only used in the final video edit and then become of no use.

What is B roll and Raw Footage?

B roll

Raw Footage

B roll is the extra footage captured by the Videographers in multi -camera events. These footage are often useful to break the monotony of the video with different angles and video techniques. It’s spliced together with the A roll aka main footage to help make a story or tale, build dramatic tension, or emphasize a specific point.

Raw Footage is the unedited long video shots the videographer originally have when they cover an event. These footage is what is censored and edited for a final video as per the client requirement


  • High Quality – Not anyone can shoot A roll and B roll footage and edit it into a great video. But, a professional and reliable videographer can bring out perfect B-roll footage with the right frame rate, color balance, and the right subject content and incorporate it with the A roll to produce an outstanding quality visual. Your videographer will use the B roll to make your event more entertaining, intriguing, and polished and provide you with interesting quality final edit. 
  • Can be kept for future needs like highlight video, Trailers – B-roll and Raw Footage can be effectively used to add value and creativeness for the highlight and trailer videos and narrate your event in the best possible way.
  • Can be copied and edited – One of the major uses of B-roll and Raw Footage is the use of its hiding cuts. For instance, most of the time, two parts of a video will have to be cut and edited in order to remove mistakes, noises or any distractions. This is when the B-roll footage comes to play by hiding and replacing the cut between the unnecessary shots of the A-roll footage.
  •  Can be used for any unique marketing strategies of your brand – B-roll can be also important as a marketing tool to create a compelling video of your commercial or trailer. B-roll footage will make your promotional video look more appealing and engaging by tempting your customers to purchase your product. This is why video marketing is crucial when it comes to promoting and selling. 
  • Useful as an asset for customized video needs – To add uniqueness and specialty for any kind of video, not only the main footage that is the A roll footage of your event, but B-roll footage and Raw Footage is also useful.
  • Visual interest – B-roll and Raw Footage is very useful in adding visual interest to any kind of video. An experienced videographer would use a variety of different shots from several different angles and mediums in order to give an amazing visual to the viewers.


It’s the B-roll and Raw Footages that supports the videographer to be creative when telling someone’s story with the use of different shots and angles in order to match the tone of that video. This includes different shots for the increase of the production value of a video.


B Roll and Raw Footage by Los Angeles Videographers LLC

The Los Angeles Videographers provide you with high quality B-roll and Raw Footage collections at a reasonable price! Our specialized professional videography team works closely with our clients by fulfilling every videography expectation including the shoot of the best B-roll video and Raw Footage and providing you with high-quality finest products. We, the Los Angeles Videographers implement the following when shooting B- roll and Raw Footages,

  • Planning ahead. We plan to make a list of the “must haves’ and “nice to haves” from the entrance footage to the end captures and present your event in a story form.
  • Scouting the location. The B roll footage can be just a matter of a few minutes, hence, we scout the venue ahead of time to figure out a way to get the best captures of B roll and Raw Footages.
  • Capturing in different angles. We plan to take a variety of shots from different angles, both with and without your subject of the event.
  • Shooting many shots. We capture plenty of shots of B roll and Raw Footage so that there would be a variety of ways to make the perfect edit. 

Los Angeles Videographers LLC, won’t hesitate to give you B roll and Raw Footage collections for very affordable rates! Don’t hesitate to contact us!


B Roll and Raw Footage

You can have it all for the most affordable rates from Los Angeles Videographers LLC.

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