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8 Helpful Suggestions For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress At An Affordable Price

    Every girl spends her entire life fantasizing about her dream wedding. However, weddings come with plenty of expenses and the perfect dream wedding dress comes with a cost.    

    The Wedding Gown is an extremely important element in your wedding that sets the tone of your event. It’s more than just a piece of fabric because it reflects the bride’s personality and style. Every bride dreams to look like the most beautiful person on their big day and making some intelligent choices on your wedding dress will most certainly help your dream come true.

    While the prospect of finding the perfect wedding dress can be unexpectedly daunting, it is l also an enjoyable experience that doesn’t need to be stressful and overwhelming.

    Here are some simple guidelines that will help you find your dream wedding dress:

    1. Do your in-depth research to find your perfect style

    You can create a visual aid of your dream wedding dress by discovering and collecting images of your favorite celebrity wedding dress, browsing bridal boutiques online, exploring Pinterest, and so on. Narrow down your search to specific designers, price points, and styles in order to focus more when compiling your shortlist, which will help you articulate what you exactly want.

    This will make it easier for you to decide whether you want dresses with sleeves, open backs, or off-the-shoulder necklines as your dream wedding dress.

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    2. Know your budget range to choose your dream wedding dress at an affordable price

    From the very outset, your budget should dictate the types of dresses and boutiques you visit.

    It is extremely critical that you set a budget range for your dream wedding dress and stick to it. 

    This will ensure that your dream becomes a reality. 

    Knowing your budget can also make your bridal consultation process much easier by stating the price range of dresses that you are willing to try on. Therefore having a clear budget for your dream wedding dress can help you avoid liking dresses that are far too expensive and unaffordable.

    3. Opt for pre-loved wedding gowns

    Another option to be economical is to buy a pre-loved, pre-owned wedding dress. A wedding gown is the most beautiful piece of clothing you own. They are intricately designed and well-made, but they will only be worn once. Buying a pre-owned dress allows you to access high-end designer brands at a fraction of the cost.

    Browsing flea markets or vintage stores can be the best way to find a great deal on a wedding dress, especially if you prefer an old-world vintage look. Although this may require some extra time and effort, you never know what treasure you might find.

    4. Have your dream wedding dress custom made

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    If you’re drawn to a particular look but cannot find anything within your price range, having a similar dress custom-made may not be as costly as it sounds.

    Find a local seamstress in your area and inquire about the prices of having a wedding gown custom-made.

    The cost to sew will depend on the style and fabric of your dream wedding dress.

    As local seamstresses do not have the price markup that manufacturers and retailers do, there is a good chance that your dream wedding dress will be significantly less expensive than if purchased in a store.

    5. Custom Tailor a Simple Wedding Dress 

    Another great option is to purchase a low-cost simple wedding dress and then add your own flair to it. Consider it as a blank canvas: have them embellish it, change the sleeves, and add ribbon, lace, tulle, etc. The advantage of this option is that the dress becomes entirely unique for you. But make sure you give yourself or the person who makes such adjustments, sufficient time for the major changes!

    6. Purchase a Sample Wedding Gown 

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     Sample gowns are dresses used in bridal boutiques for customers to try on. Wedding dresses, like any other fashion item, come and go, so inventory must be rotated every season. Boutiques and retailers sell these sample gowns at steep discounts in order to make room in their closets for the newest fashions and styles. You can find your dream wedding dress at a significant discount.

    7. Mix and match your attire

    Purchasing separates is one of the most overlooked options. A wedding gown look can be achieved by purchasing a long tulle skirt and a separate top. Not only is it easier to fit, but the fashion possibilities are limitless. Choose from a variety of skirts and top styles; mix and match until you find the perfect fit. Even if you choose to style it with a more modern, trendy look, no one will know they’re two different pieces. Depending on your budget, you may be able to put together the perfect wedding gown.

    8. Consider bridesmaid or cocktail dresses 

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    Do not limit considering your options to wedding dresses alone. Just because a gown isn’t labeled as a wedding gown, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t be ideal for walking down the aisle. You may look for bridesmaid gowns in white, cream, nude, ivory, or blush. Many popular brands make these dresses fancy for the brides, but the cost is much lower than dresses labeled as “wedding gowns”. You can also look for sundresses or cocktail dresses if you prefer a more casual look, for an outdoor ceremony.

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