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A cost-effective wedding in Los Angeles is not a dream anymore with 5 important key points

    From picking a proper venue to purchasing bridal dresses, groom’s attire, wedding decorations and such, could turn out to be costly in the present day. Regardless, you shouldn’t throw out a low budgeted wedding in an unsuitable venue with no source of entertainment making your family, friends and other guests uncomfortable and disappointed. It is all about managing the expenses, finding the right combinations and satisfying the attendees at your wedding. 

    According to The Knot, the cost per guest in 2020 is $244 whereas the average cost of a wedding ceremony/reception in the USA is $19,000. But nowadays, over 75% of couples have noticed that the health and safety of guests is the most important aspect when it comes to planning their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, 90% of couples had to make new modifications and adjustments to their wedding plans considering the health and safety of the guests as their priority.

    Considering these numbers and facts, is it still possible to plan a cost-effective wedding in Los Angeles? Yes, it is. After all, it’s the decision of you and your spouse to have a cost-effective wedding in Los Angeles and save some money. Examine the following…

    5 tips for a cost-effective wedding in Los Angeles

    In addition, deciding to have more decorations and flowers thinking that it would make your wedding more beautiful and elegant is also something to think about twice. These rash decisions can be avoided by taking ample time to plan your wedding and knowing exactly what your necessities are. It helps to overcome any confusions regarding the wedding and make your wedding a cost friendly one .

    2) Managing your guest count – You can be intrigued to invite almost everyone whom you knew since kindergarten for your special day. Is it really important to summon people who barely even know you? We don’t think so. Only the real close ones including family and friends who wish you nothing but the best in life and bless you and your spouse from the bottom of their hearts should present at your wedding. It may remind you of only a handful of people, but it is really worth it. This is a good opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and also, minimize your expenses.

    3) Divergent thinking– You can most certainly save money for your wedding by being inventive and imaginative. Why do you have to spend on goods and services at your wedding when they are just in the reach of your hand? For example, you and your family can prepare delicious home-cooked meals with the preference of your guests without paying unnecessary dues to the caterers.

    If you are good at creative artwork, you could make your own unique wedding invitation cards instead of relying on graphic designers. In addition, if there’s a family member or friend who is talented in singing or dancing, he or she could perform at your wedding and make it memorable one. This will not only be helpful for a cost-effective wedding in Los Angeles, but also you and your fellow people can show out your special skills too.

    4) Replace and Reuse cost-effective wedding supplies – At a wedding, most of the things will be used just once and become trash. For example, fresh flowers, wedding decorations, clothing attire, etc. These resources can be very costly but not used effectively or efficiently. A great way of managing your wedding expenses is to reuse these items in future. Another way is to replace these resources by low budgeted materials such as artificial flowers, decorations and such.  This would help vastly to limit your wedding budget and make it cost effective. 

    5) Hire vendors at reasonable prices – There can be many recognized vendors from different fields that would provide exceptional service at your wedding. But, their charges can be outside your cost expectation. On the other hand, there are a few vendors who provide quality service at affordable prices. It can be marginally challenging and time consuming to find such vendors but it is certainly worth the wait. Not only a few bucks will remain in your pocket, but also you can enjoy a quality service.

    So, for all young and old couples in Los Angeles and all over the USA, it is important to take your time and plan your cost effective wedding very well. Most importantly, make sure to double check with the vendors you choose who provide quality services at reasonable prices for your dream cost-effective wedding. 

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