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2 Easy Outdoor Birthday Party Themes That Are Easily Overlooked

    Did your kid’s birthday party catch you by surprise this year and are you looking for a quick birthday party theme?

    In the current fast-paced society, significant days of your life like your kid’s birthday party can arrive out of the blue. Selecting the best birthday party theme that your kid and your guests will both find interesting, can be quite a challenge. Instead of hosting another common simple party in your living room or in a banquet hall, try taking it outdoors. If you cannot locate an outdoor venue to suit your style, your backyard would be ideal as well. With a touch of creativity and some tactical planning, throwing your kids the birthday party of their dreams won’t be difficult this summer.

    1. A Beach-themed birthday party

    Going to the beach is a favorite fun-time activity that every kid enjoys. Whether it’s rolling in the sand, playing with the waves, or just having their favorite ice cream beside the beach, it can bring them immense delight.

    Imagine throwing a beach-themed party in your backyard with beach balls, flip-flops, and sunglasses.

    It is a feasible and entertaining theme for both parents and kids, and there are several ways to host it economically. Enhance your creativity and bring the waves and sunshine from the coasts of Los Angeles into your backyard.

    To create a beach party vibe and get people into the beach mood, invite your guests to arrive in beach print and other luau attire. Your beach-themed birthday party will be a hit with your kid’s friends and their parents with the right beach games and entertaining activities.

    For instance, kids love playing with bubbles, which is why a bubble machine would be a great investment for any outdoor birthday party theme. Games like a WaterGun fight or a beach-themed pinata will complete a day of fun in the sun. Incorporating games with a beach ball or hula hoop may also help you stay within the theme with no effort.

    Rather than a restricted theme party of cartoons and movie characters, a broader theme like a Kid’s beach party can be more convenient and less expensive. Parents don’t necessarily have to spend their money nor invest their energy in seeking specifically themed party supplies. Simple blue plates, party balloons, and beach supplies would fill the bill. Your kids would dearly enjoy it, and you’ll be able to save both your money and your sanity. 

    A beach-themed birthday party also enables you to get creative with the invitations. 

    You can even get your kids involved to write the invitations on flip-flop-shaped invitation cards, get them printed on a beach ball, or hand-deliver them like a message in a bottle. 

    Get creative with the supplies you already own at home to decorate your backyard. 

    Reuse any blue fabric you can find at home as a tablecloth. You may also use green table skirts for a luau appearance. A simple bucket of sand decorated with seashells would work perfectly for a centerpiece.

    The food at a beach party can be easily and creatively decorated, thanks to little miniature umbrellas and themed cutlery. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

    • Serve snacks on beach buckets to suit your birthday party theme
    • Decorate cake pops to resemble beach balls
    • Make use of powdered cereal or crackers for edible beach sand to decorate your kid’s beach-themed birthday cake  
    • Have your own beach ice cream bar or cart
    • Grilled meals like hot dogs, kabobs, or hamburgers can be served as a beachside cookout.

    2. Backyard camping

    A fun camping-themed party during the summer is another interesting low-budget birthday party theme that your kids will be bound to enjoy. This birthday party theme calls for several different activities.

    To start off, the most important element in a campout birthday party theme is a tent. You can set them up yourself or create an activity out of it by making your children build their own tent. To add to the fun, the invitees can be required to bring a sleeping bag and a flashlight. 

    An activity that can also be doubled up as a party decoration is build-your-own lanterns. Grab a few mason jars from your pantry and instruct your guests to place glow sticks in them and fill them up with water. Get the lids secured and place them around your venue to make an easy DIY decor for your camping party.

    What’s a campout without S’mores? You can also build a small bonfire and have a s’mores station that the kids would definitely enjoy.

    A campfire is not complete without hotdogs, meat kabobs, and BBQ treats. Try to incorporate them into your menu for the night. You can also be creative and decorate some campfire cupcakes with tiny marshmallows, orange-colored frosting that resembles a fire, and pretzel rods that look like firewood. 

    Another interesting activity at a campout birthday party theme is a scavenger hunt for the kids. The kids will have to locate everything on a checklist, including rocks, pinecones, sleeping bags, and more, with a treasure hunt theme. Including games like a sleeping bag race, tug of war, capture the flag or badminton will help your kids enjoy and relax. And to wrap it up, a storytelling session around the campfire will very much do.

    Additional recommendations for your child’s ideal outdoor birthday party theme

    • Ensure that there are seats available for everyone at your outdoor party. Bring all your chairs, stools, and beanbags out. You could just as easily create a comfortable venue by throwing in a few bed sheets, blankets, cushions, pillows, etc.
    • Create exciting outdoor decorations that will brighten the venue and drive your invitees into the party mood. 
    • It would be an excellent idea to include an outdoor living room area at your backyard birthday party for the parents attending the event.

    Despite having a crazy schedule or a tight budget, a small amount of effort and creativity can help you put together a memorable birthday party for your kid. The Los Angeles Videographers have also worked with parents who’d rather book a venue that offers a birthday package for your little one’s big day. If hosting a party in your backyard is not your style, you can also read our articles on other outdoor venues to celebrate your kid’s birthday party.

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