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The Best Of The 4 Seasons For An Elopement in LA 

    Elopement in LA

    Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to explore options to pick a suitable season for your Elopement in LA.

    Los Angeles is the ideal city to elope in because it consists of a range of sites to choose from beaches, mountains, deserts, and valleys! An elopement in Los Angeles is made for any couple who prefers natural beauty or urban scenery.

    But the question remains: what kind of season would the two of you most prefer?

    Here’s a look at the seasonal variables and the best season to suit your elopement in LA.


    Elopement in LA
    Captured by LAV LLC
    Captured by LAV LLC

    Spring in LA is magical! It is the perfect weather, sunny with a slight breeze. Temperatures are warm and comfortable, and it’s a great time to get outside and have fun. It is also one of the best times to elope and have a wedding in Los Angeles. 

    A spring elopement in LA also makes sure that you get beautiful photos and videos of your big day, courtesy of the shining sun and blooming flowers. 

    Spring comes in late April, May, and June which is also the peak wedding season. 

    Consider an afternoon elopement outdoors, surrounded by green trees and blossoms. You can also try to catch the golden hour for some epic photography and videography. This can be a good time to tie the knot with your significant other!


    Captured by LAV LLC

    Los Angeles is big and full of epic places for an elopement in LA! There are places where it can get extremely hot and difficult during summer, but there are also places where the weather can be breath-taking and spectacular!

    If you’re eloping outdoors, avoid downtown and the valley because such places are the warmest during summer. 

    The beaches on the other hand, are the best places for an elopement in LA during summer. The weather is beautifully combined with the hot sun and the cold breeze, making it an ideal place for your elopement! However on the flipside LA beaches are very crowded and busy during this time of the year. 

    Summer is a popular season for tourists to visit Los Angeles, so there will be a lot of people out and about, making a private elopement a little more challenging.


    Captured by LAV LLC

    This is unquestionably one of the best seasons for an elopement. Fall in Los Angeles isn’t as autumnal as it is in the Midwest, which means it’s warm but not excessively so. 

    Summer crowds thin out, giving you more privacy to enjoy the outdoor locations. Fall gives out a cozy romantic feeling which is ideal for an elopement in LA.

    September and October are usually the busy months for outdoor weddings and elopements because of the weather, the colors and the overall cozy feeling of the season. Fall is the perfect opportunity to use vivid colors in your wedding photographs and videos! 


    Captured by LAV LLC

    Winter is considerably colder, so you have to dress in layers. December through February can be considered the “off-season” for wedding vendors. It is the Christmas season, so people typically prioritize parties and events with their families and friends. Therefore, winter is the least popular season for an elopement in LA. But Depending on the day and place you want to get married, there can be more vendors available for very reasonable prices.

    Because the days are shorter in the winter, be mindful of the time of your wedding. Your wedding photographs and videos will look fantastic if you plan and schedule your elopement suitably with the proper lighting in mind!


    For an additional pointer, consider eloping on a weekday!

    Weekends will always be more popular and busier  than weekdays, no matter where you go. So, eloping on a weekday can ensure that you have a more private affair! 


    Now that we’ve discussed the best seasons to elope in Los Angeles, it’s time to book your videographer/photographer.

    An elopement is a private affair with less or no audience to witness you exchanging vows. Therefore, an elopement videographer in Los Angeles is a must-have for your celebration.

    The Los Angeles Videographers is a team of experienced professionals who understand the different expectations of their clients and provide them with customized videos and photos. We shall convey your unique and raw love story through our stunning productions, all at an affordable price.
    Contact Los Angeles Videographers now to reserve a booking! 

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