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8 Important Vendors To Hire For An Epic Halloween Entertainment In LA

    Halloween Entertainment In LA

    Finding ways to make your Halloween entertainment stand out? We bring you some vendors for a fun filled, engaging yet spooky evening!

    Halloween is a popular American holiday that is celebrated by all age groups. It’s all about the spooky decorations, trick or treating and costumes that make the night exciting and mysterious. Why not give it a slight twist? Think outside the coffin this year and consider hiring different vendors for some spooky Halloween entertainment!

    Here are 5 vendors that you can consider hiring to elevate the spookiness of your Halloween Entertainment

    #1 Snake Charmers

    Captured by LAV LLC

    Consider hiring a snake charmer to make your Halloween party even scarier. A snake charmer combines entrancing dance moves and tricks with their snaking companions. Regardless of the theme of your Halloween party, you can request that these professionals tailor their performance to the scary mood of your gathering.

    #2 Halloween Face Painters

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    Hire a professional face painter to design spooky and eye-catching extravaganza on your faces. A face painting is like a costume in and of itself. A professional face painter can design a vibrant and lifelike mask on anyone’s face. Face paint can transform children into mythical creatures, animals, and even villains.

    Adults can join the fun as well! Mermaid face illustrations, skeleton makeup, skulls and jack-o-lanterns are some popular adult favorites.

    #3 Fire Breathers

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    Fire breathers know how to captivate the crowd. They are an excellent addition for your Halloween entertainment. Most fire-eating performances are choreographed and can be set to specific themes. You may request the team for props or costumes to match your Halloween entertainment theme as well. Fire spinning, fire twirling, fire belly dancing, fire breathing and such will most definitely keep your guests on edge. This can be a pretty scary nail-biting event.

    #4 Belly Dancers

    Belly dancers bring live energy and artistic talent to your party. By performing classic dance moves, these skilled dancers can maintain the Halloween spirit of your event. Sometimes belly dancing is more of a show for the audience to watch. Discuss how you prefer them to be entertained by belly-dancing before your party. 

    #5 DJs

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    No party is complete without catchy music! Hire a skilled DJ who can set the tone for your Halloween entertainment with catchy, foot-tapping music. You can request the DJ to play a few well-known Halloween ballads, like “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” and “Ghostbusters.”

    #6 Celebrity Impersonators

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    What better way to honor a Halloween costume party than with a professional celebrity impersonator? A celebrity impersonator can teach you how to channel your inner Marilyn Manroe or Elvis. Every impersonator is unique in his/her own way. There can be multiple costume changes, stage performances, or “roving” around the room to interact with all the guests on the agenda. Therefore when booking an impersonator to take part in your Halloween entertainment, make sure to specify the performance style and celebrity you’d prefer.

    #7 Animals

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    You can also consider arranging for a petting zoo for your Halloween entertainment so that the kids and adults will be able to get up close with exotic animals. Guests can be supervised to pet, hold, and interact with live animals such as geckos, lizards, frogs, turtles, and snakes.

    You can also organize a tutorial to learn how to properly interact with animals with the assistance of professional animal handlers.

    #8 Los Angeles Videographers LLC

    Last but not the least, hire a professional videographer and photographer to capture every spooky moment of your Halloween party.

    Even after the Halloween season comes to an end, you can look back at the photos and videos for a nostalgic spooky thrill. Hiring a professional set of videographers will ensure that you enjoy the Halloween spirit rather than documenting them.

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    It is our expertise, experience, professionalism and affordability that makes us the most suitable set of videographers for your Halloween party!

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