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How to Throw a Celebratory Graduation Party in 6 Simple Steps

    Celebratory Graduation Party Captured by LAV LLC

    Congratulations, grad! Say goodbye to your final exams and receive your well-deserved honors! Let’s throw you an amazing celebratory graduation party

    Whether it’s you or someone close or related to you who’s graduating, there is so much to celebrate. We’re here to help you plan an extravagant graduation party.

    If you’ve previously planned a party or event, you’ve probably got a good starting point for your upcoming graduation celebration. But even for a seasoned party planner, doing research ahead of time will help you set yourself up for a successful party that your guests will never forget!

    Here are 6 easy steps to plan the best graduation party


    Captured by LAV LLC

    With some research under your belt and ideas buzzing around your head, it’s time to make sure you have everything you need to pull off the graduation party of your dreams. Deciding on how much money you’re willing to spend on this event is a crucial element when planning such a party.

    When creating your budget, you must consider how to allocate those funds for food, drinks, decorations, and all other necessities. You’ll also need to give special attention to the cost of the venue and entertainment (DJ, sound equipment rentals, etc.), and the guest list.

    Organizing a graduation party on a budget does not have to be difficult! There are innumerable ways where you can save money. Instead of hiring a party planner, you could plan the entire event yourself. Save money by creating your own party invitations, table toppers, signage, and other party decorations using low-cost pre-made templates or by printing them. You could even go thrifting for party décor — you’d be surprised at how many rustic, retro, or one-of-a-kind pieces you can find to match your party theme.


    Captured by LAV LLC

    The number of people you invite to your graduation party should be decided by your budget. Of course, you must invite family members, and close friends on your list but also think carefully about who else to invite besides those in your inner circle. Consider carefully, as the more guests you invite, the cost of your food, beverage, and party venue will rise. A good rule of thumb is to keep your event to an average of 75 guests.


    Depending on your budget, you may consider hosting your party at your home, backyard, or an exciting venue. Choose a spacious location that offers comfortable seating, tables, electricity, and even Wi-Fi. By this, you can save money on event furniture as well as entertainment.


    Captured by LAV LLC

    Decorate the party with the graduate’s school colors. Add an inspirational touch by framing success quotes and displaying them on tables and walls. Your favorite senior photos can also be used as creative decorations.


    Captured by LAV LLC

    The menu can be guided by your theme and the time of day the party is held. Barbecue or picnic foods are ideal for an afternoon outdoor gathering. Snacks or desserts are ideal for a nighttime graduation party or an open house party. Make a buffet of food or snack bars, and drink bars, and provide your guests with a variety of food and beverages. You can also consider hiring a chef, a local food truck, or a caterer. 


    Captured by LAV LLC

    A graduation party is the right time to unwind, party hard, and celebrate! Hiring a disc jockey or renting a karaoke machine can ensure that everyone has a great time singing and dancing. A photo booth decked out with graduation attire, appropriate signs, and props, as well as the graduation photo as part of the backdrop, is a must-have for a graduation party.

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