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Host a Glow in the Dark Party with A Simple 6-Step Guide

    Glow in the dark party

    Hosting a Glow in the dark party is becoming more and more popular and attractive! These theme parties go by different names; a glow party, a black light party, or a neon party. Now that there are so many glowing party supplies available, you can host your very own unique, memorable glow-in-the-dark party.

    Plan and organize your glimmering glow in the dark party with the following guide by the Los Angeles Videographers.

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    1- Arranging a “space”

    Of course, you’ll need to locate a space that can be made as dark as possible. Make sure the space has plenty of open space and is clutter-free. If you’re planning to host the party at home, the best location for a Glow in the dark party is typically in the basement.

    You should also consider how much money you want to spend on this. If you do not want to spend too much money on a one-time party, cut some leftover cloth or paper to fit your window openings. This will help you eliminate all the exterior light.

    2- Safety first

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    A party with many people in a dark, small space can result in mishaps or injuries. Therefore clear out any unnecessary furniture and fittings that could cause someone to trip or bang into, and keep the space as clear as possible. 

    It can be disorienting to be in a dark room with only a few glowing points. Using glowing Gaffer Tape is one of the simplest ways to keep your room secure. This is used to draw attention to steps leading up or down, or even mark the boundaries of the dance floor. There are various types of tape to choose from, and they can be used as creative decorations for a Glow in the dark party!

    3- Unique and creative Décor

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    The party décor you choose is an important part of the glowing experience! Consider having creative and unique decorations for tables, walls, and the ceiling. Paint white sheets with bright marking spray paint.

    Neon decorations that glow under the black light give an amazing experience. To amp up the fun, find ways to illuminate your guests as well!  Glow sticks or glow bracelets will be a good addition. 

    There are a variety of ready-to-use options available in Los Angeles. Placing glow sticks inside balloons and using glowing face paint are some popular glow party amenities. 

    Any of these tried-and-true concepts can be included in your Glow in the dark party that will be the talk of the town.

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    4- Black lights

    Black Lights are a crucial part of the ultimate Glow in the dark party. Black lights are simply fluorescent lamps that have been coated to filter out visible light, allowing only long-wave ultraviolet light to pass through. When such lights are used in a dark room, the ultraviolet light reflects off of anything white or fluorescent, causing these items to shine with unexpected brilliance and giving your room a fun, dark, futuristic vibe.

    You are probably not going to forget the fun and pleasure of a raving party under black lights.

    5- Music and Dancing 

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    Dancing is a big element of glow parties. Make a list of music that your guests prefer to listen to and dance to. Connect your stereo, and bring a playlist appropriate for your invitees. The best music for a Glow in the dark party will be techno, rave, and electronic genres. 

    Note: Be sure to have a spacious dance floor as your guests might be grooving and spinning a lot. Avoid tripping risks on the floor or table corners.

    6- Glow in the dark Party Menu

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    Make the party cuisine glow under the black light. There are white or neon-colored icings that can be added to any baked snack, whether it is a cake, cookies, or candies. This gives an astonishing glow and makes the food a guaranteed hit at your party.

    Fruits like bananas are a different glowing experience. 

    Adding decorations to your food table will assist to amp up the energy during dinner time. To draw attention to your food table, you can use fluorescent paint splatters on a black tablecloth.

    Don’t worry if you planned for a tight budget. There are many low-cost and do-it-yourself solutions for a Glow in the dark party. The secret is to plan ahead, do some online research, and allow enough time for the setup and preparation. 

    Shine in the dark with your family and friends!

    Captured by LAV LLC

    The Los Angeles Videographers

    Make sure you hire a professional videographer and photographer to document your event while you have all the fun and partying at your Glow in the dark party. Videos and photos from any party are always fun to revisit and reminisce about.

    Our professional team, who regularly document parties and events has a keen eye for what makes videos and photos outstanding. 

    We have the right equipment that helps us shoot amazing pictures in the dark as well as in bright sunlight. 
    Contact The Los Angeles Videographers now to get glamorous and glowing photos and videos!

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