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How to host a Special Ramadan Dinner Party in 5 Incredible Steps

    Ladies enjoying a Ramadan dinner party

    The Ramadan dinner, also known as Iftar, is an important dinner for the Muslims during the month of fasting. This is the time when they finally break their fast from food and drink from dawn till dusk.

    Hosting Ramadan dinners and sharing the blessings of Iftar has become a tradition among the Muslims. It gives people an opportunity to share a dinner with their nearest and dearest and reconnect during the holy month of giving and gratitude.

    Just like planning any kind of dinner party, a Ramadan dinner party too requires proper planning and organizing in order to have a successful Iftar event.

    Here are some helpful suggestions from the Los Angeles Videographers to host an incredible Ramadan dinner party!

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    #1 Decorate & Light Up Your Space

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    Nothing enhances an Iftar party set-up more than great Ramadan-themed décor. Beautify your space and set the right ambiance for your Ramadan dinner. You can light up corners with Arabic lanterns, place Ramadan Mubarak décor on tables, and also hang a stunning crescent-shaped moon and stars from the ceiling. Hanging fairy lights on suspending Arabic lanterns would create the perfect vibe at your Iftar party. Creating a serene and amazing glitz for your guests to feel cozy and comfortable is a key element of your Ramadan Iftar party.

    #2 Create the Ramadan Atmosphere

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    Ramadan is a holy month, so make sure that your Iftar party highlights this aspect. Bring in a Qaari to recite verses from the Quráan or have it played on a recorder. Provide enough time and space for the guests to make their supplications before breaking their fast. You can even invite an Imam to give a brief speech reminding the virtues of Ramadan. Some even choose to liven up the Ramadan Iftar party with some light Islamic music.

    #3 Iftar Meal

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers
    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    This is the big moment that everyone waits for! Food is the center of the Ramadan Iftar party celebration. When you bring people over to break the fast, you must be able to provide a variety of food and beverages according to different preferences. You can start with the traditional offering of dates and water and then proceed with a lavish feast. If you need to accommodate different dietary requirements and preferences, buffets are the most ideal option.

    Ensure that your menu has plenty of healthy and hydrating options. You can also ask your guests to contribute a dish, in order to share the rewards of giving and feeding people during this holy month.

    #4 Prepare for Prayers

    Arrange and set up a suitable area for prayers and lay out prayer rugs in the right direction. Make sure that the guests are aware of the praying area and encourage them to join you in prayers. You can also host a Taraweeh prayer congregation if there’s enough room at your venue.

    #5 Ramadan Favors

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    Send your guests back home with a small token of appreciation as a memory from your Iftar party. The perfect choice for a Ramadan party favor would be a gift box with dates or chocolate dipped dry fruit, Islamic perfume called “Attar”, prayer rugs, etc.

    Photo by The Los Angeles Videographers

    Follow these steps and organize a memorable Iftar party with your family and friends!

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