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5 Benefits Of Livestream Weddings And Why They’re the New Norm

    Livestream Weddings has become the default option ever since the pandemic struck.

    It has changed from being merely valuable to being a necessary element at not only weddings but many other celebrations.

    It is the ideal substitute to guarantee that all of your family members and friends will participate in your wedding and celebrate your love. 

    Live streaming your wedding ceremony and reception is the ideal solution to ensure that all your loved ones participate in your big day, even if they’re thousands of miles away. It is low-cost, convenient, and easy to execute.

    Here are 5 reasons how livestreaming your wedding can be highly beneficial

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    #1 Live stream a destination wedding

    Los Angeles is a popular city for destination weddings. Consider livestreaming your wedding ceremony, if you intend to have a destination wedding away from home. You and your fiance will be able to have an incredible time at your destination wedding but you may have to limit the number of attendees. This doesn’t mean that you should second guess your decision of having a destination wedding. Instead, make arrangements to livestream your ceremony and embrace your day. Rest assured knowing that your loved ones will be happy to celebrate with you from the comfort of their own homes.

    #2 An intimate elopement

    livestreaming your wedding with Los Angeles Videographers
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    Eloping had a very different connotation sometime back than it does today. It used to signify that you were getting ready in your finest attire and making your way to the courthouse for a quick and simple wedding ceremony without friends or family to share the occasion with.

    But, nowadays, the concept of eloping has changed over time. You can have an intimate elopement with your soulmate while livestreaming your wedding to your loved ones. This provides you the opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family while they witness your elopement as if they were actually present in person.

    #3 No guest limit

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    Perhaps you’re getting married in a small, sentimental setting or your budget simply did not allow for a grand ballroom. Instead of limiting the number of guests, livestreaming your wedding day is an ideal option!

    Your loved ones who are not able to attend your wedding can still be there through the Livestream. Think about your overseas family members, your coworkers, the childhood friends whom you have slightly lost touch with, and other important people in your life. You can include all of them in your virtual celebration and make them feel closer on your special day. It only takes a single click to join and watch.

    Invite anyone and everyone to watch your special day at their convenience! Live Streaming your wedding can help you invite as many guests as you want via a virtual platform on your special day.

    #4 Your guests can communicate through the live chat

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    Your guests will still be able to celebrate your love as you walk down the aisle, exchange vows, and share your first kiss as a married couple. They’ll be able to send in their “congrats” while chatting with each other during the ceremony itself. Make sure you hire a professional to handle this process, in order to ensure that everyone is muted and the beeps of their chats, so that it wouldn’t interrupt the ceremony.

    #5 Maintains health and safety

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    In a time when health restrictions still prevail with the upsurge of a global pandemic, livestream weddings are the way to go. Instead of postponing tying the knot with the man/woman you love, celebrate your love with your family and friends through a virtual connection. Anyone can take part virtually in your big day safely and soundly. 

    What began as an emergency measure is now emerging as a new way of life.

    Captured by LAV LLC

    The Los Angeles Videographers

    During these times of uncertainty and distance, the Los Angeles Videographers can help you connect with your family and friends during your special days. Whether it is your overseas relatives or your childhood friends whom you simply can’t picture your big day without, we make it possible for all of them to participate in your celebrations via livestream celebrations.

    The approach to wedding videography and photography may have become slightly different, as with everything else that changed after the pandemic, but our professional team at the Los Angeles Videographers is nothing if not creative and can help with anything from live-streaming elopements to capturing amazing videos and epic photos in a socially responsible manner.

    Contact the Los Angeles Videographers now to reserve your spot for a wedding livestream on your special day!

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