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Planning An Affordable Wedding In Los Angeles In 6 Simple Steps

    One of the most common destinations that couples dream of having their big day in is a wedding in Los Angeles. This destination comes with an entire package of beaches, nightlife, culture, and breathtaking views. Whether you would prefer to take your vows with your toes dipped in the sandy beaches or on top of a high skyscraper, Los Angeles provides you with an array of ambiance to suit your style.

    Weddings in Los Angeles are gradually becoming more frequent and widespread which compels it to become a more competitive and expensive option for couples to make. But using a few creative strategies can help you celebrate a memorable occasion in your destination wedding in Los Angeles while also making sure that you do not run out your credit card. 

    1#An outdoor Venue with minimal decorations for your wedding in Los Angeles

    Weddings in Los Angeles are renowned for their unique venues and scenic locations. Deciding on the right venue that befits your style and the comfort of your guests is extremely important when planning a wedding on a budget. If a wedding in Los Angeles is not planned out nor carefully prepared in advance, couples can end up spending high amounts unnecessarily for their wedding venue. Banquet halls are not only known for being pricey but they may also charge extra, unexpected costs for concerns like providing power for the DJ, lighting, set up, and so on. 

    An outdoor wedding would be the best option when planning a low-budgeted wedding. Los Angeles has many beautiful outdoor locations suitable for an enticing wedding ceremony. Whether you prefer a view of the beautiful blue waters as a backdrop on your big day or even if you’d like a view of the city, you are bound to find an amazing view for an outdoor wedding in Los Angeles. Read more about Rancho Los Felix for an enticing outdoor wedding venue.

    In addition to a scenic atmosphere, couples would not need to allocate redundant amounts for the decorations either. This brings us to another expense that couples could curb when having a wedding on a low budget; flowers! Including flowers in the wedding decor can really add up to the budget in an unexpected manner. Instead, a balloon wall or a balloon arch could be a beautiful addition for a wedding on a budget. The cost of using balloons is quite low if you blow them up yourself and use them creatively to adorn the reception table or decorate the entrance. Here are more ideas on how to use balloons to decorate a wedding.

    Captured by LAV LLC

    2# Food and caterers for a low-budget wedding in Los Angeles

    One of the most crucial elements to pay attention to during the wedding planning process is the food and beverages. In-house catering can be an expensive addition to your wedding budget. Therefore, you could eliminate venues that require in-house catering and make use of the assistance of your family and friends. Prepare a more intimate cuisine and include your grandma’s best pie or your aunt’s best dessert for your beautiful wedding in Los Angeles! The menu can be simple yet have several different varieties for your guests to choose from.  

    Rather than opting for a 3-course meal, a family-style meal or a buffet can also help to cut down costs when it comes to organizing a low-budgeted wedding in Los Angeles. Large Buffet style servings are typically more affordable and minimize food wastage as well. This method of serving requires fewer employees and saves you hundreds of dollars in labor costs as well. Organizing a breakfast or lunch wedding is also a much more affordable option.

    3# Digital invites 

    This is a great method to cut down on unnecessary spending. The price of wedding invitations and the rest of your stationery can quickly add up, but making your own wedding invitations could save you a ton of money. Many sites like Canva and Etsy provide beautiful templates that can be customized according to your preferred wedding theme.

    Once you’re done with your wedding, the invitation cards will be discarded anyway. So why not make use of the modern approach and send your guests virtual evites? This could cut down the costs of printing and stationery and really help with your wedding budget. Certain platforms like Joy and Rsvpfiy even lets you keep track of your attendees by letting them RSVP online.

    4# An off-season wedding

    This would be another great strategy to cut down on the expenses from your wedding in Los Angeles. . According to many surveys, weddings held on weekdays are way cheaper than those held on weekends. Therefore scheduling your wedding on a weekday would be even more economical. December through February is considered an off-season for a wedding in Los Angeles. Accordingly, the most affordable time to get your vows exchanged would be during this season. There also may be more vendors available during this period of the year due to their low demand, and couples are able to find their desired venues with reduced prices during the off-season of weddings in Los Angeles.

    As the days are relatively shorter, plan your big day with proper lighting in mind. Be mindful of the sunset for sensational photographs of your memorable day. 

    5# Wedding outfits for the big day

    Preowned wedding outfits that have been used just once or twice by a family member or a friend is another great way of managing a wedding budget. You can also keep a lookout for shopping sales or consider thrift shops in Los Angeles that have really elegant outfits for a much reasonable price.

    6# Selecting the best videographers 

    Your wedding day will probably come and go in a flash, but having a wedding videographer document the festivities can help you relive the most wonderful day of your life for years to come. The Los Angeles Videographers take extreme care in capturing your memories and bringing them back to life with a cinematic perspective. Not only are we renowned for our reasonable prices but we also offer several pricing packages to suit your requirements and preferences. Whether it’s the vows you exchange, the pre-shoot, the first look, or the best man’s speech, we capture it all and deliver it on time in the most faithful and friendly manner. 

    Planning ahead and reconsidering your choices can help you have your most memorable destination wedding in Los Angeles. Whatever your wedding budget might be, you can still enjoy the best day of your life if you make the right call.

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