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Nana’s Kitchen Catering in Los Angeles – the best Mexican Caterer in town

    Nana's Kitchen Catering in Los Angeles serves any kind of event with delicious authentic Mexican foods.

    When considering catering in Los Angeles, there are so many caterers in and around Los Angeles, providing various kinds of delicious food and drink for social events and other gatherings. But when it comes to catering Mexican food in Los Angeles, Nana’s Kitchen certainly stands out and comes first in the line among the best Mexican caterers for your special event. 

    Angie Garcia, who is popularly known as “Nana”, founded Nana’s Kitchen in the year of 2000. With the help of her children and loved ones, Nana’s Kitchen Catering in Los Angeles has grown from a small lunch truck to a premiere upscale taco caterer. They currently serve authentic Mexican food from all across Santa Barbara to San Diego. The employees at Nana’s Kitchen Catering are highly committed to Angie Garcia’s long term vision and very much responsible to you as well as your guests at your special event or party.

    This Caterer in Los Angeles serves any kind of social events and gatherings including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries and such. Whatever the event or party you host, “Nana” and company will be there to provide the best types of Mexican Foods and add “flavor” and “taste” to your party. No matter whether your event is in the morning, noon or night, Nana’ Kitchen will provide all 3 meals according to your requirements. Their food is freshly cooked on site for your lovely breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

    Nana’s Kitchen Catering is not only about their delicious food and drinks; they also bring overloaded love and happiness to their customers. Their excellent and friendly customer service simply adds more value to their catering service as well as your party. They cater all of your food and drink needs making sure each and everyone of your party goes home with their tummy singing. When you party with your family and friends, your taste buds will party with Nana’s tasty Mexican meals. At the end of the event, you and your guests will be left with nothing but delicious memories of “Nana’s” mouth watering Mexican food and their outstanding customer service. 

    Let “Nana” and company bring their fantastic magical kitchen to your event and enrich it with their authentic Mexican food and culture. Call them today for your event or party, if you’re looking for an excellent caterer in or around Los Angeles. 

    The specialty of Nana’s Kitchen Catering in Los Angeles

    1) The most delicious Mexican food and meals in town

    2) Eye-catching food presentation

    3) Reasonable and affordable prices

    4) Excellent customer service

    5) On-time service

    6) Well-trained and experienced staff

    Capturing the “delicious” moments that Nana’s Kitchen Catering in Los Angeles bring to your event

    We, the Los Angeles Videographers have captured a few events and parties which were professionally catered by “Nana’s Kitchen” in Los Angeles. The mouth-watering emotions that we witnessed from the attendees of those events and parties were absolutely priceless. We could not resist capturing those “Yum” moments in photographs and videos behind our lenses. We were able to focus on these moments using every possible angle, because the attendees didn’t want to stop tasting Nana’s special Mexican food and drinks. “Nana’s Kitchen” simply brings smiles and happiness to each and every person. Our excellent photography and videography crew captures those joyous emotions and provide you with picture perfect photographs, amazing videos and exciting highlights.

    Our crew has the proper knowledge and experience in covering all the food related moments and experiences in any kind of events such weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. Not only the “food related moments”, we make sure to capture each and every positive reaction of you and your guests in order to make quality products i.e., photos and videos. So, don’t think twice to hire us for your next event or party to get great photos and videos of your mouth watering moments and more. Call us now!

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