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6 Easy Steps to Plan Your Los Angeles Court Wedding

    If you are looking forward to having a court wedding soon, then this guide is for you!

    When it comes to weddings, many couples envision a grand affair with a large guest list, extravagant decorations, and an expensive reception. However, not all couples can and want to host a big wedding. 

    For those who prefer a more intimate and budget-friendly option, a court wedding may be the perfect solution for you. In this guide, the Los Angeles Videographers will help you explore everything you need to know about court weddings and how to make it official.

    Here’s a guide on how to Plan a Court Wedding in 6 Easy steps

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    #1 Check your state’s requirements 

    Each state has its own requirements for obtaining a marriage license and performing a wedding ceremony. In California, there are specific requirements for obtaining a marriage license, including the need to provide identification, proof of age, and paying a fee. Additionally, the county clerk’s office in Los Angeles may have specific rules when scheduling and making an appointment for your court wedding.

    Failing to adhere to these requirements could lead your marriage to not being legally recognized, which could have significant consequences in the future. Therefore, it is essential to do your research and make sure you understand and follow all the necessary steps and requirements when getting married in Los Angeles.

    #2 Obtaining a marriage license

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    A marriage license is the legal requirement for getting married. Without a marriage license, the court cannot legally pronounce you both as husband and wife. 

    The requirements for obtaining a marriage license vary from state to state. But you will generally need to provide proof of identity, age, and residency, and also pay a fee. You might have to provide other documents, such as divorce decrees or death certificates if you’ve been married before.

    #3 Schedule your ceremony

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    Once you have obtained your marriage license, you can select a date and time to schedule your courthouse wedding ceremony. This is extremely important because you should secure a date and time that works for both you and the court. Court weddings in Los Angeles are typically held in a designated wedding chapel, and its availability can be limited.

    By scheduling your ceremony in advance, you can avoid unnecessary stress and potentially delay your wedding plans. Scheduling your court wedding ceremony ahead of time also allows you to plan other aspects of your wedding day, such as attire, transportation, and photography, with much certainty and ease.

    #4 Choose your wedding attire

    Just because your court wedding is a simple affair, does not mean that you can’t dress up nicely for the occasion. It is advisable to avoid clothing that is too revealing or casual, such as shorts, tank tops, or flip flops because it will be a formal setting.

    Additionally, it is always a good idea to check with the courthouse if they have any dress code requirements or restrictions. Following the dress code guidelines will show respect for the court and the legal system, as well as for the significance of the occasion.

    #5 Invite your close guests

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    Court weddings are typically intimate and informal, so it may be appropriate to limit the number of guests to celebrate your ceremony with. Although it is usually possible to invite guests to court weddings, the number of guests you can invite may depend on the specific courthouse and the room space. Some courthouses may have a limit on the number of guests; therefore make sure you check with your courthouse beforehand.

    #6 Prepare yourself before the ceremony

    Court Wedding
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    On the day of your ceremony, arrive at the courthouse or city hall at least 15 minutes early. Bring your marriage license or any other documents you may need, as well as your ID. 

    Your ceremony will be brief and may only last for a few minutes, but it will be just as meaningful and memorable as any other wedding ceremony. After your ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate, which is proof of your legal union. You can then celebrate your union however you two like, whether it’s a small gathering with family and friends or a quiet dinner for two.

    The Los Angeles Videographers

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