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Helpful Tips When Planning Your Wedding Reception In Los Angeles

    Planning Your Wedding Reception In Los Angeles

    You’ve decided to marry the love of your life, Congratulations on your wedding! Here are a few tips from us for planning your wedding reception and celebrating your wedding in style. 

    Planning your wedding reception elegantly requires much skill and effort. Nowadays, many couples hire professionals to plan their wedding. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of a few pointers in order to have the perfect wedding reception.

    The Perfect Spatial Arrangement 

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    1. You must Start looking for the perfect venue as soon as you and your spouse decide on a date for your wedding. Select a pleasant location that suits your preferred style and theme, before planning your wedding reception. Make sure the wedding venue has the appropriate space and appearance for your desired formal seating, a buffet, a cocktail station, and so on.
    2. Once you select your dream venue, look around and recognize the spots that can be highlighted and the areas that can be downplayed to set up the perfect backdrop. A grand staircase, beautiful chandeliers, or perhaps a grove of trees would all give your wedding reception a beautiful finishing touch.
    3. Plan out the spacing of your venue. Make sure you have enough seating space. You can allocate around 10 to 15 square feet per person for a convenient and unconstrained experience. 
    4. Furthermore, make sure the dance floor is large enough by mapping out approximately four to five square feet per guest to dance and have fun all night long.
    5. Plan your seating arrangements attentively when planning your wedding reception. Place your guests who are very familiar with each other at the same table in order to host an active and lively wedding reception. 
    6. Host your wedding and reception in the same venue. This will save you and your guests the worry of transportation and also help you curb your expenses.  
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    Musical and Dance Entertainment

    1. Prepare a guideline by making a list of songs that should and should not be played during your wedding reception beforehand. Playing a group favorite that is easy to sing along and dance to can be a fun way to get your guests on their feet.
    2. A crowded dance floor indicates a fun and memorable occasion. To get your party started, hire a professional live band or a sensational DJ. It is recommended that you choose someone with the style and energy that complements the venue, theme, and ambiance of your wedding reception.
    3. Verify that the venue has enough space and power for the performers. You don’t want the music to stop because of an electrical malfunction. Tables and chairs should be placed away from the sound systems.
    4. Instruct your DJ or Live Band to play the music that suits the mood and the setting of your wedding reception. Avoid loud energetic blasts of music during mealtimes and request them to play softer tunes.
    5. Begin your wedding reception with traditional dances like the first dance, father-daughter dance, etc, but make sure to invite your guests to join in soon afterward. Everyone loves to share the dance floor, so do not make your guests wait for too long.  
    6. Organizing group dances is a great way to keep your guests engaged and also pack up your dance floor.
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    Thoughtful extras when planning your wedding reception

    1. When planning your wedding reception in Los Angeles, schedule your photography and portrait sessions in order to avoid missing important happenings. 
    2. Make sure to extend your hospitality to every vendor that worked hard to make your event a success. 
    3. Relax and enjoy all of the special moments with your loved ones on your big day.
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    The Los Angeles Videographers

    The Los Angeles Videographers work closely with our wedding clients to understand their vision, capture the joyous moments of their big day, and preserve those memories for an eternity. We also assist you to stay within your budget by offering our photography and videography services at the most affordable prices. The Los Angeles Videographers is a team of well-experienced professionals who create cinematic videos and capture great photographs of your wedding reception with the utmost love and care! 

    We will ensure your wedding reception is captured in a memorable manner. You can trust your day in our hands to be recorded and executed perfectly.
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