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Seaside Strings; The Incredible Ensemble of your Dreams!

    Seaside Strings

    Live music is an exquisite way to add a special touch and finesse to your celebrations. Seaside Strings is a classy and elegant string ensemble that can set the right ambiance at your party or event. 

    Whether you’re looking for traditional classical music or contemporary pop music, Seaside Strings have a string quartet, duo, or trio available anytime at your convenience. 

    Based in Southern California, Seaside Strings is a fabulous team that specializes in string ensembles for all kinds of ceremonies. They provide the finest classical music in a variety of ensemble sizes and arrangements. 

    According to client reviews, the String Team is very “punctual”, professional” and “affordable” and plays breathtaking songs that transport the audience to an emotional alterverse. 

    “Seaside Strings really made our wedding feel elegant and the music was breathtaking. I remember walking down the aisle and hearing Canon in D live and feeling like it was the most perfect moment in the world.”  

    Photo by Seasidestrings

    Determined through the reviews from more than one million WeddingWire couples, Seaside Strings was awarded the “Couples’ Choice Award” for excelling in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.

    You can add a sensational musical experience to your celebration with Seaside Strings because all of their musicians are classically trained and have over 30 years of valuable experience in performing live musicals.

    5 reasons why you need to hire Seaside Strings for your next event!

    1. Provides a sophisticated atmosphere based on your celebration

    The way a set of strings fills a space is quite unique. Seaside Strings will bring a romantic, elegant and charming atmosphere to your event with their quality instruments and excellent performance. Their string quartet creates an atmosphere unlike any other, enthralling the audience with captivating music. The aura they create blends seamlessly into the joyful moments of your day, creating the perfect ambiance.

    2. Reliable and trustworthy

    Photo by Seasidestrings

    Seaside Strings is a team of well-trained and highly professional performers. You can trust them to deliver perfection. Hiring them gives you peace of mind to focus on your event as they take care of everything in the music department, including the sound/PA system. They are also open to requests for any specific songs and are very flexible with last-minute changes. You can also request sample music before hiring as they offer liability insurance. 

    3. Plays in a variety of styles and techniques.

    Photo by Seasidestrings

    From a host of musical genres such as classical, rock, contemporary and more, Seaside Strings play almost anything! From traditional classical pieces to modern pop songs, they can be versatile. Providing a stunning soundtrack for walking down the aisle at a wedding is one thing, but don’t underestimate their capacity to shake things up after the ceremony. They can adjust to a whole new energy level, tempo, and style for your wedding reception. You can also try requesting playful renditions of modern music, which is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

    4. Flexible

    Using a specific playlist or recorded songs means that your party has to keep to the pace of the music. This can be somewhat inconvenient. 

    Seaside Strings ensures that the music goes with the flow of the event. They adjust their playing and accommodate well to the event. This flexibility ensures a smooth musical performance and maintains the mood and the elegant atmosphere of your party.

    5. Gives your event the wow-factor

    Seaside Strings provides the perfect finishing touch that will most certainly make your celebrations more memorable for you and all your guests in the years to come. The level of expertise from this string ensemble will give your guest a mind-blowing experience. If you are looking for a performance that will level up or maybe exceed your expectations to your price tag, Seaside Strings is your best bet.

    Photo by Seasidestrings

    Los Angeles Videographers

    Along with the gifted musicians of Seaside Strings, make sure to hire a team of professional videographers to record this beautiful musical experience.

    Our artistic prowess, combined with our eye for beautiful visual shots, will ensure that you receive beautiful souvenirs from your event. Tight deadlines, special requests, and demanding circumstances are all part of the job for our roster of artists. 

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