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Los Angeles based Reptile Ranch: Snakes on Sam

Sam, the leading motivator of “Snakes on Sam”, is recognized as a caretaker, handler and trainer of many different species of reptiles. Whether it’s a snake, a spider, frog, and a specie of lizard, she trains and handles them with care and shares the good knowledge and care tips to the public. She conducts and leads SoCal Private & Educational Reptile shows to special occasions such as birthday parties, community events, and summer camp shows and many more.

So how did we know her? During few of our job requests we handled in Los Angeles; we have met her through her inspiring reptile shows. We were quite astonished. When she handled the reptiles, she handles them with intense care and comfort. Our first impression was somewhat uncomfortable. But when we and our customers tried it out, it was whole other feeling. Not everyone could enjoy such sensation. Time to time, we managed to capture the moments of such reptile shows and realized how much people love her shows.

So, what did we learn from her shows? We managed to capture some of the moments of her shows and we found out that at first, many people were reluctant to interact with her. They were in fact, quite afraid and threatened of these snakes and the creatures. But when we sat through her shows, we recognized that people started to get comfortable with her. This clearly showed that most of the reptiles are not vicious, or fierce or deadly as we thought. Slowly and steady, and with enough guidance from the trainer herself, our customers started to interact with their pets as well.

According to Sam, the trainer, the reptiles she uses for her shows are not dangerous at all. Their trained docile nature makes them get used to children. She makes sure that neither of the creatures are poisonous nor venomous. Her experience and skills for more than 12 years prove that she is good at what she does and we have seen and experienced it by ourselves. If you are interested, click here to see more info of Sam, the Pro Reptile Handler and Trainer.

As we undergo with our videography services, we have realized how valuable her skills, abilities and talents are that could take your joyous occasions to the next level. When we experienced these events, we recognized that this she is a suitable character for many of your occasions and we will always be there to capture them for you.

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