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3 Ways To Plan A Special Anniversary Celebration With Your Kids

    Planning a special anniversary celebration with your kids is not as easy as it used to be. 

    Finding some time to spend with your partner in a meaningful way might be extremely challenging when you are a parent. It takes some thinking and precision to organize a special anniversary celebration with your kids. 

    The Los Angeles Videographers have three simple yet absolutely wonderful solutions for anyone who wants to plan a special anniversary celebration with their kids. 

    Instead of letting your family life overpower your romantic relationship, discover simple ways to rekindle your love by including your children in your special anniversary celebration and keeping them engaged in activities that they enjoy.

    1. A Picnic for a great anniversary celebration with your kids

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    An enjoyable traditional picnic is usually a wonderful family activity and a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Whether you decide to lay out your blanket in Griffith Park or the Will Rogers State Beach, your kids will be bound to find something that they enjoy in an outdoor venue. 

    While the kids are having fun and burning off some energy, having a picnic may be one of the few things you can do to spend some quality time with your partner. 

    Taking this time to discuss the priceless memories of your wedding day with your partner is a great way to rebuild the love of your spouse. Whether your wedding was five or fifty years ago, your anniversary is the ideal moment to reminisce about your wedding and marital memories. You two can revisit the beautiful, joyful sentiments you experienced on your wedding day by pouring some wine, having a snack and taking a look at your wedding album. You’ll experience a deep sense of connection to your partner and appreciation for the journey you two have taken together as you relive these memories.

    2. A Day Out for your special Anniversary Celebration with your kids

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    Invest in a day pass to a fancy hotel or resort. You can rent a cabana from some of the best hotels in Los Angeles for the duration of the time you reserved for that day.

    There are also many resorts that are family-friendly around Los Angeles when travelling with children. It is recommended to pick a resort with amenities like an indoor waterpark, a bowling alley, or a kid’s spa. Some resorts even provide child care services in order to give the parents some space, which is an additional bonus! This will keep your little ones busy while you and your partner get some alone time together at your special anniversary celebration. 

    3. Eat out at a family restaurant 

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    Or you could go to a simple yet enjoyable eat-out at a family restaurant. 

    To make it even more special, plan a trip to a location that holds special significance for the two of you. Maybe it’s the restaurant where you and your partner had your first date. Or it could be someplace that serves your favorite dessert or cuisine that both of you have been longing to eat. Even if it’s as straightforward as having coffee, choosing a memorable location over something fancy will always make your evening truly meaningful and unforgettable. 

    As long as your kids have something to do while they wait for the food, children generally appreciate dining out as a lovely treat. Despite the slightly noisier environment than you’d ideally prefer, you’ll still be able to enjoy some quality time with your partner.

    These activities are perfect for parents who want to create treasured memories to reflect on in the future, they have a special anniversary celebration with their kids this year.

    The Los Angeles videographers

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