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4 Unique And Incredible Styles Of Wedding Videography To Choose From

    If you are here to choose the exceptional styles of wedding videography for your big day, you’ve come to the right place. The Los Angeles videographers have come up with 4 unique styles of wedding videography to remember the most important day of your life.

    Watching the unique and memorable story of the love between you and your spouse is one of the most beautiful things to do.

    It’s crucial to decide on your wedding videography style in advance so that your videographers can capture the best kind of footage and shots to suit your desire. Every wedding is unique; so you can make sure that your love story is captured and delivered phenomenally by choosing the right style of wedding videography.

    Before hiring a professional videographer, it’s crucial to first understand the important aspects of a wedding video. It is essential to realize that there is more than just one style of presenting your love story. 

    Listed below are 4 of our most unique styles of wedding videography for you and your spouse to choose from and create an amazing memento of the most cherished day of your life.

    1. Highlights

    A Highlight Video is the most standard product in the wedding videography industry. It can also be referred to as a trailer. This style of wedding videography is becoming an increasingly popular request by modern-day couples.

    Basically, it is a montage set to an uplifting and charming piece of music. The Highlight is a highly edited version of your long wedding video. As the name suggests, it includes only the main “highlights” of your big day.

    The Los Angeles videographers are recognized for making the best highlights of all kinds of weddings. For us, the wedding highlight is a carefully crafted narrative story accompanied by the best visuals from your big day.

    We’ll select a single, perfect piece of music to tie all of the audio-visual elements that we’ve captured together. Often, we’ll identify a theme or emotion that sums up your wedding experience. The Highlight Video may be brief, but it is the type of video that can be easily shared and rewatched, over and over again. 

    Captured by LAV LLC

    2. Documentary videos

    This style, also known as the Journalistic style of videography, involves capturing the day’s events as they unfold. It is typically edited in a linear fashion, resulting in a video that documents your wedding from the preparations to the reception. Documentary wedding videos are simple and always shot and edited in chronological order, with sections for each major event of the day. You can watch yourself go through various events and emotions on your wedding day all in one recording, from the wedding jitters to the sentimental first look and the romance of your first dance and so on.

    Some documentary styles of wedding videography include interviews with the bride and groom or their guests, who comment on the day, offer congratulations, and discuss the couple throughout the event. The end result resembles reality television, with others sharing their thoughts in between shots of the actual wedding. 

    In general, this type of wedding videography will be longer in length, but it is a great way to capture all the emotions of the day.

    Captured by LAV LLC

    3. Cinematic Film

    The cinematic wedding video is shot and edited more like a movie, emphasizing the charisma and drama of the day. This type of wedding videography focuses on creating a movie edit that tells the story of your wedding through a variety of compelling videos and images. It is designed using montages, music, and special effects like slow motion, enhanced colors, and contrasts to give it a more film-like experience.

    This unique style of wedding videography is very spectacular and dramatic in which the majority of all couples choose to tell their love story. 

    Not only capturing the important scenes of your wedding, but the cinematic video also intercut the segments with special close-ups and delicate touches such as pre-wedding shoots, decor, preparation, wedding cars, etc.

    Videographers who shoot weddings in the Cinematic style interact often with the couple and guests much more on the wedding day, sometimes setting up shots and directing them in a way to capture the most epic shots and footage.

    Captured by LAV LLC

    4. Livestreaming 

    With the advances in technology, there is a way for your closest friends and family to watch your beautiful wedding live without physically attending; live-streaming. As this type of wedding videography is instantly streamed, the footage presented to the audience is raw and unedited. 

    Live Streaming weddings and other events is a rapidly growing mode of videography that can involve an unlimited number of people. Those living across continents, loved ones who may be bedridden or sick, and even casual Facebook friends can watch the wedding in real-time and not miss a single moment of your magical day.

    Nowadays, most couples consider live streaming as an essential element of their wedding plans. A live broadcast of your wedding ceremony will bring everyone together, especially if you are planning a destination wedding!

    Captured by LAV LLC

    The Los Angeles Videographers For Any Style Of Wedding Videography

    The Los Angeles Videographers supply professional filming, editing, and photography services in different and unique styles to suit your wedding theme. Our team of professional videographers is highly qualified in producing the best wedding films capturing the love, emotions, and fun of your big day. We work closely with our clients to bring their requests and expectations into a reality.

    The Los Angeles Videographers are dedicated to capturing the best moments and memories of your special day, recording them in the unique style of video that suits your taste and preferences, and incorporating it into a single film.

    In addition to creating a long wedding video, we also provide a highlight reel, so you can share it on social media with your family and friends.

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