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7 Incredible Tips To Organize A Successful Christmas Party

    Successful Christmas Party

    Christmas is the time of year when family and friends all come together to spread love and joy and create special memories.

    A successful Christmas party is remembered long after it takes place. Though the memories of a successful Christmas party will last all year, some might feel that the planning and execution are just too much of a burden. Therefore, one might not even host a Christmas party at all due to all the stress and frustration of planning. 

    We’ve simplified the planning of a successful Christmas party into 7 simple steps.

    #1 Come up with a comprehensive plan

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    Are you planning a party for a large gathering or a smaller gathering? Will your event be formal, casual, or somewhere in between? Making these important decisions as early as possible will assist the planning process and help your event run as smoothly as possible.

    Make sure you have a guest list and a to-do list for the week leading up to your event.

    Feel free to delegate tasks or dishes to your family and friends. This will also allow the guests to feel more involved in the planning or preparation process of your successful Christmas party.

     #2 Setting a theme 

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    Choosing a theme will not only help you plan but have a clear idea of where your party should head. There’s always the grim sweater party, but why not flip the script and throw a beach-themed Christmas party on the shores of Los Angeles? 

    Consider a color scheme of your choice and request your guests dress accordingly. Whatever theme you choose, the photos you take will surely be epic and unforgettable.

    #3 Installing a photo booth

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    Provide your guests with the chance to capture fun, creative, and quirky moments by setting up an epic photo booth at your party. You can either rent a professional vendor’s setup or create your own. Instead of shooting against a blank wall, pick up an extra holiday-patterned tablecloth to hang as a beautiful backdrop. Add a few fun props, such as giant candy canes, Santa hats, and beards, to bring out the holiday spirit. This is a simple yet fun activity that is an absolute must for a successful Christmas party.

    #4 Arrange a beverage station

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    Set up a self-service beverage station to allow you to spend more time mingling with your guests. In elegant beverage dispensers, serve premade signature Christmas cocktails like a Mistletoe Mule or holiday punch. 

    You can also set aside wine and/or beer too. Consider serving one non-alcoholic specialty drink, such as peppermint iced tea, for guests who do not consume alcohol and kids. The more self-service options you provide, the more time you can relax and enjoy yourself.

    #5 Serve fun snacks and finger foods

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    Small bites and finger foods are simple and enjoyable to consume as well as to prepare ahead of time. Get in on the hype and set out a platter. Elegant trays and platters instantly elevate any offering, whether you make your food or buy them for your successful Christmas party. 

    Plan your party space to accommodate last-minute guests bearing homemade appetizers or desserts. Wrap pastries or candies in paper muffin cups to make them look fancier, and guests can easily swoop them up when they pass by. If you have guests who have dietary restrictions, make sure you provide some options for them as well.

    #6 Seasonal Music

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    A successful Christmas party is not complete without seasonal music!

    You can either hire your own DJ to keep up with the beat or create your own playlist. Look for holiday albums by your favorite contemporary singers, and compile a playlist that includes both upbeat and mellow songs. To try something different and fun, request that each of your guests share one of their favorite songs to include in the playlist. This is a great way to ensure that all your guests can have fun and enjoy themselves.

    #7 Seasonal games

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    Everyone will remember the fun and entertainment at a successful Christmas party, so consider including a fun game or two in your party plans. Set out gingerbread house materials and challenge your guests to a decorating contest. 

    Place classic board and card games on side tables for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. Set up a craft table for an ornament-making competition. Include any kind of game that is sure to portray the Christmas spirit.

    Los Angeles Videographers

    The final element in making a successful Christmas party is hiring the best videographers and photographers to capture the holiday memories of your Christmas party. A well-told story revealed through the lens of a professional makes it highly unlikely that your event will be forgotten anytime soon. 

    The Los Angeles Videographers can help you complete your Christmas party by preserving your merry memories for ages past the festive season.

    We will capture the best memories at your party and create intricate films that our clients will love and cherish. We are well-known for creating cinematic videos and artistic photos that will allow you to relive your holiday party time and time again.
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