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Los Angeles based Elegant Belly Dancer – Mary W.

Los Angeles can be identified as a socially active city full of parties, gatherings, shows and many more colorful nights. But not many parties are exciting and thrilling compared to the events in which Mary, the belly dancer, takes part. Mary Winpenny is undoubtedly another name for fire. She is a professional fire and belly dancer, and snake charmer who can be undeniably regarded as the best in town who gives each and everyone mesmerizing, unforgettable memories. 

Mary, the Los Angeles based belly dancer is an award-winning performer with multiple years of international experience. She has been learning to belly dance for more than 10 years and still keeps learning this magnificent art form in order to provide the highest quality shows for your special events.

Mary performs at various set-ups for any kind of event, bringing the grace and charm of ‘Middle Eastern’ dancing. She also specializes in Egyptian, Modern and Fusion dance styles as well.


Why should you hire Mary for your party or event?

Do you want to host an event or party that would make your invitees bored? Absolutely not. All you want is the party or event to be successful and fun . That is where Mary plays a huge role.

  •       She is a well-experienced award-winning professional belly dancer in the industry.
  •       Mary puts her heart and soul into her mind-blowing performance at your event.
  •       She is happy to help you plan out the details of the performance – coordinating costume colors, special songs, guests to dance with, props, etc.
  •       Upon request, she uses a wide range of props including shamadan (head candelabra), candle tray, sword, LED props, butterfly wings, veils and many more!
  •       Mary is also a vigorous fusion dancer and has a variety of fusion acts including flamenco fusion, tango fusion, burlesque fusion and more! You can book anything from a 10-15 min belly gram to an hour-long classic belly dance.
  •       Her skills not only caters to the requirements of adults; her magical dancing is loved by many kids too.
  •       She is flawless when performing with a snake.
  •       Mary always prepares herself before any event to make her performance perfect.
  •       Her goal is to have everyone on their feet and dancing by the end of the show.


You can check out Mary’s website for more information at

Why is it important to capture Mary’s dancing in your event?

Mary has the super talent to make sure her fantastic dancing performances resonate in the minds of whoever witnesses them. We, the Los Angeles Videographers have captured her fine talent and movements on numerous occasions, so that you and your loved ones can witness her brilliance anytime you want to. You can also share this outstanding footage with the people who were unable to join the occasion due to modern reasons. Not only our clients, but also their guests at the parties, who see Mary performing live, love to see it over and over again through our camera angles. They very well know that what they missed in reality, would definitely be captured in our camera “eyes”.

Our team has always ensured that, every important move and skill in Mary’s different kinds of dance performances that can be  missed in the blink of an eye are captured comprehensively – How she enters the stage, how she takes the first step to fire the stage, how finely her fingers move, how her eyes play while everyone goes crazy about how her hips move to the beat – all are captured. Also, the excitement she leaves in your amazement-filled heart at the end of the event is fondly protected in our video footage.

We believe that, with our cameras and skills, we have added value to her dance performances and snake shows that took place in the events we covered so far and done her justice. We trust that our creative ways of capturing her best movements and our hard work in giving “rebirth” to them on screen have somewhat supported this brilliant dancer’s performances to become more popular among the people, and go viral in social media too. Not only her jaw dropping performances, we will make sure to capture the happiness embedded in the faces of your fellow participants too. After all, their faces and energetic moves with Mary recorded in our cameras, will say it all.

We, the Los Angeles Videographers are always ready to capture and video your special events with Mary to perfection.

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