Los Angeles based Elegant Belly Dancer – Mary W.

Mary can be known as a professional and an award-winning belly dancer who performs and specializes in Egyptian, Modern and Fusion dance styles. Along with her years of experience, her ten-year training and her magnificent form of art keeps her in quality of the highest standard and showcases her amazing talent.

So how did we get to know her? During our video coverages, we discovered this amazing dancer on stage. Her talents are outstanding in a greatly stylish manner. We first met her in a jaw-dropping performance in a wedding reception and it was a grand beauty on sight. And not just us, everyone that day enjoyed her performance to the fullest and was thrilled with excitement and joy.

According to her official web blog, she performs and caters in several special exciting events. Following up to her, she is specialized in private parties, weddings, birthdays, and so much more. Not only that, she also has media exposure through TV programs, commercials, movies, and such. In simpler words, she has the ability and skill to perform in almost every single event.

One of the most popular dance performances of her professional life is the undeniable belly-dance. The outstanding style, elegant gestures, and her different varieties of props gives an entirely different approach and finesse to her dances. LED props, fire props, wings, candelabra, veils, and zills are just a few of her’s and her fan’s favorite props. Not only that, her interactivity with the audience makes it much more fun and special. However, she always makes sure to match the audience preferences and provide them with a memorable performance.

Another popular performance of Mary is her snake shows. Her super friendly 9ft long Colombian red tail boa snake gives a unique approach with her performance and gives an entirely new experience to the audience. When we captured those moments, we saw the excitement and interaction of the audience eagerly waiting to get a picture with the snake and of course, Mary. You can click here to see more.

Her fusion dance shows are quite spectacular and popular among the audience nowadays. Her unique modern dance shows, which combines multiple styles together such as her Belly-dance, Flamenco, Tango, Samba, and jazz fusion gives a new twist to her performance. Most of the performances that we experienced were fusion types and they are quite popular among her audience.

So, what do we think about her? We believe that she is an amazing performer and her talent is outstanding. And we would be glad to recommend her for your special events. We believe that Mary could make your event, a memorable one to remember. And we, the Los Angeles Videographers are always ready to capture and video your special events to perfection.