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5 useful tips to plan a simple wedding in Los Angeles

    Proper guidance is essential for a simple wedding in Los Angeles.

    Nowadays, a simple wedding in Los Angeles has become the new trend among most couples. It is believed that COVID-19 pandemic is the major reason that paved the way for this new trend of simple weddings. The health and safety restrictions and guidelines have influenced modern couples to think twice before having a grand splendid wedding. But, this trend of simple weddings in Los Angeles can be useful in few different ways,

    • Focusing more on traditions and crucial moments.
    • Reducing the budget.
    • Minimizing the workload.
    • Less stressful and traumatic.
    • Considerable amount of time to organize and adjust.

    Small simple wedding can bring just as much joy and satisfaction as a grand luxury wedding. But, it is very important to have a proper plan and mindset for your simple wedding and customize it to perfection. Consider the following,

    Tips and tricks for a simple wedding in Los Angeles

    1)      Manage your guest list 

    When your wedding guest count is high, not only does the  overall cost take a steep rise but also the complexity of your function increases. Generally, a wedding with more than 150 guests can be considered a large and luxurious wedding. It is more than challenging to host such a grand wedding with the current pandemic situation. 

    The appropriate number of guests to be present in a modern wedding should be 50 people or less. But, with the advanced technology that is LIVESTREAM, in which many friends and loved ones of you and your spouse can witness the entire wedding from the convenience at home. This gives the opportunity to reach and interact with many people across the world. By live streaming your wedding, you can minimize your guest count that will be favorable for a simple yet effective wedding. 

    We, Los Angeles Videographers provide the service of livestreaming for not only weddings but other occasions as well. We make sure to cover all the happenings and moments of your simple wedding, so that your guests won’t miss a thing and will feel like they’re actually present at your wedding. This will help you bond with your other relatives and friends on a deeper level despite the physical absence and restrictions. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for the livestreaming of your SIMPLE WEDDING.

    2)     Hire a wedding planner 

    Hiring a wedding planner is more important for the lovely young couples in Los Angeles whose dream is to have a big fancy wedding but yet in a simple way. The knowledge and guidance of a wedding planner will help you to plan and manage your dream wedding to perfection. The only thing you and your spouse have to do is to communicate your expected wedding plans and activities with the wedding planner, such that they could come up with ways to make your dreams a reality. It simplifies the workload of your wedding, saving ample time, money and energy. This is a very important point for a simple, charming wedding. 

    3)      Looking for the best vendors at the best rates 

    Deciding the best wedding service providers for your simple wedding can be tricky.  This task is very challenging, time consuming and stressful because your big day can mainly rely on the vendor you pick. It is very important to hire quality, reputable vendors at reasonable prices in order to make your wedding a simple success. Their skills, cooperation, flexibility and such play a crucial role in your simple wedding. Therefore, do the research, take your time, and choose the best wedding vendors for your special day. 

    If you are looking for a Videography and Photography service in Los Angeles to capture your simple wedding, Los Angeles Videographers is your perfect vendor.  Our prices are very much affordable which comes in a variety of packages. Other than live streaming, Los Angeles Videographers also fulfills your videography and photography needs by providing you with quality long videos, highlight videos and picture perfect photos. 

    4) Selecting a convenient venue

    Having a wedding in a banquet hall is very common but outdated. Couples nowadays, host their weddings in outdoor settings in order to get a wonderful backdrop and beautiful scenery. Also, simple outdoor weddings happen to be less expensive than traditional outdoor weddings. For your simple wedding, the best option of venue can be an open space with natural beauty such as the beach, a garden, rooftop or any other convenient outdoor setting. Los Angeles is blessed with so many such beautiful places of nature in which you can confidently host your simple wedding in a convenient and satisfying location. 

    Outdoor weddings are also important to capture eye-catching photos and videos that highlight the essence of your wedding.  As an experienced Videographer in Los Angeles, we very well knows how live locations can be useful for your wedding photos and videos by taking it to the next level giving the captures a cinematic and filmic look. Contact us now- we love to help you to get the best captures at your simple wedding.

    5)Limit your spending and expenses

     A wedding in Los Angeles can turn out to be costly. The expenses related to the bridal and groom attire, decorations, food and such could cost you and your family some money. You can easily fall into the trap of overspending your money in order to make your wedding the best wedding of all. Having a simple wedding with a low budget also can bring the same happiness and satisfaction of a grand luxurious wedding. 

    You should know how to manage your wedding expenses and organize your simple wedding appropriately. For instance, you can prepare the food using the assistance of your family and friends while keeping the menu simple with a limited amount of food items. In addition, the flowers and decorations for your simple wedding can be made or reused in the same way. So, try to limit your spending on unnecessary items and services for your simple wedding and invest on good products that are worth a lifetime, such as Photos and Videos. 

    These tips for a simple wedding are for you and your spouse who dream of an unforgettable spectacular wedding in Los Angeles. After all, it is the memories and satisfaction that you carry forward after your special day.

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