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6 Charming Types Of Centerpieces To Ornament Your Wedding

    Types Of Centerpieces To Ornament Your Wedding

    Centerpieces are a vital component at a wedding. Crowning your big day with beautiful types of centerpieces will give an enhanced finishing touch by creating a sense of festivity, and refinement. 

    Not only do they set the mood of your wedding but they also give off an amazing vibe. It can also bring your wedding theme together in harmony. 

    It is important to choose the right types of centerpieces that evoke feelings of welcome, warmth, and comfort that invites your guests to celebrate your wedding with a bang. 

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    Here are 6 types of centerpieces from which you may choose, depending on the theme, style, color palette, and venue of your wedding.

    1. Flowers

    Flowers are one of the most necessary aspects of any wedding. It is a common types of centerpieces used in Wedding decor. 

    Flower centerpieces come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use tall centerpieces to be bold and glamorous with your décor, whereas smaller centerpieces can be used for a much simpler yet sophisticated touch.

    Different blooms symbolize different meanings. Consider creating a unique atmosphere using the right types of flowers of your choice. 

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    Here are some beautiful types of flowers and what they symbolize in a wedding.

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    • Roses:- Roses are the most traditional types of centerpieces and go-to wedding flowers used. They come in a variety of colors and each symbolizes different meanings. Red roses symbolize love, beauty, and enduring passion, whereas white roses signify purity and innocence, and dusty pink ones convey admiration and grace
    • Tulips:- These magnificent blooms are a symbol of true, everlasting love and passion and an elegant type of centerpiece for your wedding.  
    • Baby’s breath or Gypsophila:- Baby’s breath is a great filler for a centerpiece. These charming and delicate blooms symbolize purity, innocence, and long-lasting love.
    • Lily of the valley:- These petite and dainty blooms signify happiness. They aptly symbolize sweetness and purity of heart. 
    • Anthurium:- This heart-shaped tropical flower is a symbol of hospitality and abundance. These types of centerpieces are often used as a gesture of welcome.
    • Orchids:- Orchids are known for their exotic nature and refined beauty and symbolize beauty, love, and luxury.
    • Magnolia:- These exquisite blooms symbolize dignity, nobility, and pride.
    • Peony:- Peonies are elegant flowers that give a romantic vibe. These dreamy blooms symbolize prosperity, happy marriage, compassion, and romance. 
    • Ranunculus:- These enchanting swirls are available in vivid hues and ombre, from dainty whites and pinks to radiant reds and oranges. They are symbols of attraction and charm. 

    2. Vessels

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    The florals that you use in your centerpieces can be held in a variety of vessels. Vessels with different colors, styles, shapes, and materials are available to suit the theme of your wedding. For an instance, if your wedding is rustic-themed, you can use mason jars as a part of your centerpiece. Column vases are a great idea for a minimalistic theme and bell jars would fit perfectly for a fairytale wedding. 

    3. Candles

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    Candles are great types of centerpieces that create a naturally romantic vibe in your wedding. They are available in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Candles are also in many types like taper candles, pillars, votives, tea lights, etc. 

    You can place candles in unique candle holders like candelabras and hurricanes. This will give a charming touch to your guest tables.

    4. Greenery

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    Greenery gives a lush and refined look to your wedding venue. These types of centerpieces can be used as runners of vines of loose leaves. Fern, eucalyptus, ivy, olive branches, rosemary, smilax, etc. are some that can be used.

    5. Terrariums

    A terrarium is a good alternative to classic centerpieces. These glass-enclosed displays are basically miniature gardens or distilled versions of nature’s beauty. Although ferns or succulents are commonly used, you can also create a terrarium on your own, with any other flowers or plants. Creating a more geometric terrarium centerpiece to add a more sophisticated and modern vibe.

    6. DIY centerpieces

    If you want to have very personal types of centerpieces at your wedding, this is a great option. You can create your very own vases using bottles, mugs, paint, and so on. You can get creative and imaginative and create a variety of elements and types of centerpieces that suit your wedding theme.

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