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6 Beautiful Types Of Lighting To Illuminate Your Event

    Types Of Lighting

    Lighting is key to any occasion, whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or even a corporate event. Different types of lighting can instantly change the look and vibe while setting the tone to your event. 

    Lighting can bring a complete transformation to your event space– from ordinary to amazing by creating the dream background you were hoping for. It is also the most cost-effective way to decorate your event. 

    The different types of lighting you pick will ultimately light up your perfect venue, make your photos just right, and keep the party going—even after the sun goes down.

    The following is a list of commonly used types of lighting to brighten your event.

    1. Chandeliers 

    Adding crystal chandeliers or reclaimed wood chandeliers at your venue will create a focal point of lighting. Accenting your space with string lights, fairy lights or twinkle lights adds both brightness and delineation to the space. It will create the perfect background to capture picture perfect photos.

    1. Smaller bulbs

    The Edison-style bulbs with glowing filaments is a perfect fit for any event.

    These traditional incandescent bulbs give a classic look and a beautiful color temperature. It can be used over dance floors, around trees and even on walls. 

    Smaller bulbs such as fairy lights and twinkle lights can be a beautiful alternative for your lighting design. 

    1. Gobo

    Gobos, short for “Goes Between Optics,” is a specially designed metal or glass inserted into a special lighting fixture to project an image.

    You can custom this types of lighting to project an image onto the dance floor, ceiling or a wall. Pick image patterns that go well with your event theme and tie the lighting in nicely. 

    This creates an impressive effect that always has the guests commenting as they walk into the room.

    1. Pin Spot lights

    A miniature spotlight is a types of lighting that can be used to draw attention to important things in your event. If there are beautiful tall centerpieces at your event, pin spotlights are an absolute must to show them off. You can also use pin spotting to dim the overall lighting in the room, effectively to draw your guests’ attention to where you want it to be.

    1. Uplights/ Uplighting

    These are special lighting fixtures placed next to architectural features or usually against the wall to project columns of light upwards. The color of the uplighting can coordinate with your event color scheme to make a great impression. Uplighting is probably the most cost effective and dramatic type of lighting.

    1. Moving Intelligent Lights

    Moving lights, also known as intelligent or Moving Head lights, are adaptable and versatile fixtures that create a moving beam of light. These fixtures can be controlled through the use of special controllers and software. With the right intelligent lighting fixtures, you can turn your dinner party into a high-energy, nightclub-style dance party with a flip of a switch!

    Lighting should be considered crucial when planning and designing your event in Los Angeles. We suggest that you do a site visit with a lighting designer, in order to see areas on your venue that require the proper lighting solution.

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