Are you looking for an affordable, top quality videographer ?

Weddings to cat funerals, we have done it all.

(nope, not kidding)

An accurate future proof- high quality
document of the event.


wedding videogrpaher los angeles

Sometimes, a picture is worth
more than a thousand words.

Live Streaming

Your loved ones can
join in from anywhere in the world. 

We are based in Los Angeles, but We fly everywhere.

Fly us for your event. This pricing includes airfare and lodging.

At Los Angeles Videographers LLC,
We approach your videos with a cinematic mindset. 

Our videographers have graduated from top film schools like UCLA & USC. 

This is not a side hustle or a weekend job for us. 
This is what we do, full time.

  • Wedding Videographer 
  • Indian Wedding Videographer 
  • LGBTQ Wedding Videographer
  • Celebration Of Life Videographer
  • Bar Mitzvahs Videographer
  • Bat Mitzvahs Videographer
  • Sweet 16 Videographer
  • Quinceanera Videographer
  • Videography Videographer
  • Debut Event Videographer
  • Concert Videographer
  • B-roll & raw footage Videographer
  • Live Event Videographer
  • Real State Videographer
  • Training Videos Videographer
  • Engagement Videographer 
  • Birthday Videographer
  • Anniversaries Videographer
  • Corporate Videographer 
  • Conference Videographer 
  • Funeral Videographer

Los Angeles Videographers LLC

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