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5 guidelines of planning a wedding in Los Angeles amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

    This is for all lovely couples who plan to have your wedding in Los Angeles amidst Covid-19.

    Getting married and having a wedding during the Covid-19 situation can be a difficult task and it needs much focus. It should be realized that you and your spouse are not getting married in an ordinary time in which you could have a typical wedding. The pandemic has made a huge influence on weddings and in the wedding industry result in postponing and canceling weddings.

    According to a worldwide survey conducted by The Wedding Report,

    • 41.5% of the couples are or have postponed their weddings
    • 7.0% of the couples are or have canceled the wedding altogether 
    • 46% of couples are cutting off their budget by an average of 31%
    • 58% of couples are cutting their guest count by an average of 41%
    • Only 30.5% of them are trying to hold their current 2020 wedding date
    • Even more alarming, 58% of wedding vendors have lost their jobs

    Therefore, planning and organizing a reasonable wedding in Los Angeles or elsewhere during this difficult time is very important not only for you and your spouse, but for all the people taking part at your wedding. Consider the following for the health and safety of yourself, you family and friends, 

    Tips for a successful wedding in Los Angeles during the pandemic

    1. Being prepared for sudden changes- During the Covid days, unexpected and uncertain changes such as travel restrictions, lockdowns, curfews may happen all of a sudden. You must plan your wedding considering the consequences of these situations. For example, you can have a backup plan of hosting your wedding at your house or any other convenient location instead of postponing or canceling the wedding. 
    2. Implementing Healthy and Safety guidelines – You can follow the steps given below when planning your major life milestone at this decisive and challenging time,

    • Making sure all of your guests and invitees are fully vaccinated.
    •  Noting that none of your guests are under quarantine during the course of the wedding period.
    •  Providing adequate sanitation facilities
    •  Advising everyone who takes part in your wedding to wear masks.
    • Encourage social distancing.

    1. Giving priority to virtuality – Well-equipped and experienced videography vendors such as  Los Angeles Videographers can make your wedding a virtual reality during this hectic time. This way, you can limit your guests to a minimum count, but still each and every family member or friend can witness your wedding LIVE in a live streaming service on a convenient social media platform. It allows you and your spouse to interact with more relatives and friends across the world on a deeper level during this difficult time. Your loved ones will be connected and engaged throughout the entire ceremony without missing anything on your special day. 

    1. Consider an outdoor wedding – Having a simple wedding in an open space surrounded by the beauty of nature is more safer and convenient rather than holding your wedding at a rustic venue during the pandemic times. Not only is it less riskier, but also outdoor venues can add more value and simplicity to your wedding. The Los Angeles Videographers have covered several outdoor weddings during this time through which we understood that many people prefer and opt to hold their weddings at a peaceful and charming environment. In addition, we could get nature-blessed beautiful captures of your wedding and provide you with quality picture perfect photos and videos.

    1. Hiring a renowned photographer/ videographer in Los Angeles– The Covid-19 pandemic has become a major threat not only for the couples, but for the wedding vendors as well. It can be a challenging task to find a well renowned experienced photographer/ videographer in Los Angeles to meet your demands during this tough time. We, the Los Angeles Videographers, are ready to serve your photography and videography needs and provide you with the best quality products at affordable prices. You can rely on your budget and preferences as we provide various packages based on your requirements. Our videography crew will make sure to abide with the health and safety rules and regulations and supply the best picture perfect photos, exciting highlights and quality long videos. You can click here to see a glimpse of our work and get a clearer picture of our service. Call us now, for more details or help.

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