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Versatile wedding trends in Los Angeles for your dream wedding in 2022

    Wedding trends in Los Angeles for 2022

    Wedding trends in Los Angeles and the rest of the world changes dramatically with time. With the hit of Covid-19, most couples preferred to celebrate their weddings in a simple Covid-friendly manner. But nowadays, with the pandemic threat gradually decreasing, couples tend to force the weddings celebrations with new trends and themes. 

    The Los Angeles Videographers who have been in the field of wedding videography in Los Angeles for many many years noticed quite a number of wedding trends in the past few years. We have covered many weddings specified in different themes and concepts behind our cameras which we would like to share with you. 

    Here are few ideas and thoughts to plan your dream wedding in 2022,

    1. Simple wedding – Nowadays, most people opt to celebrate their weddings in a simple fashion. Simplicity has overtaken not only the wedding industry but also our lifestyles due to the pandemic situation. Simplicity to a wedding can be added through simple decorations, easy wedding attire, limited guests, convenient venue and traditional entertainment. It is noteworthy to say that the planning process of simple weddings is easy and calm compared to regular weddings. This wedding trend in Los Angeles can result in a smaller wedding budget which helps you and your family to save money for your future and other desires. 

    In addition, you and your spouse can spend some quality time with your family and friends and create so many unforgettable memories and moments on this special day which should be most definitely captured in photographs, highlights, and long videos. To share a fact, getting perfect captures at simple weddings with limited decorations and people can be challenging and demanding. The Los Angeles Videographers team will make sure to make the most of the resources available and provide you with quality products. 

    2. Outdoor wedding – Natural outdoor weddings in Los Angeles can be considered as the biggest wedding trend in the present wedding industry. The specialty of ‘outdoor weddings’ is that it gives you the flexibility to pick a theme based on the natural beauty of trees, flowers, mountains, rivers, etc. The peace and satisfaction you get from outdoor weddings cannot be gained in ordinary banquet halls. This wedding trend in Los Angeles is not only limited to the spring months and fall months, but it is used throughout the entire year by most couples.

     The Los Angeles Videographers have covered so many outdoor weddings which provides additional beauty and value to the good work we do. The natural background and scenery helps us to get picture perfect captures and videos, and provide you with nothing but the best in which you and your spouse could treasure and cherish for a lifetime. 

    Photo by Los Angeles Videographers

    3. DIY wedding – The DIY wedding trend in Los Angeles is all about planning and hosting your wedding ceremony solely based on your preferences, talents and abilities. DIY weddings are an exceptional and unique trend that is completely under your control and satisfaction. DIY wedding ideas include having your wedding in your backyard, making your own wedding decorations, preparing home made food and booze, compiling wedding seating charts, designing ceremony backdrops and many more. There are no hard and fast rules for DIY ceremonies and arrangements – whatever you can do to make your wedding a beautiful, creative one is the DIY craft. 

    We, Los Angeles Videographers, have a good sense and skill to make your DIY wedding an outstanding and valuable one by capturing the uniqueness and creativity of your special trend. Not only will it showcase the beauty and elegance of your wedding, our captures will highlight your talents and skills by maximizing everything you and your loved ones have customized in order make the wedding extra special.

    Photo by Los Angeles Videographers

    4. Micro weddings – These days with simplicity growing, we tend to come across small weddings aka intimate weddings in Los Angeles with a limited number of guests. Most couples nowadays prefer to celebrate their special day with only a handful of their loved ones in a simple, convenient manner. This wedding trend in Los Angeles is very much easygoing and relaxing. 

    For instance, you and your guests can leisurely spend time on couple shoots and family photos without having to break a sweat. The Los Angeles Videographers can provide you with the best personal and emotional captures highlighting the important moments and emotions of your special day. 

    5. Digital-domination – Nowadays, technology plays a crucial part in our lives. Even weddings in Los Angeles and the rest of the world are being captivated by technology. The latest wedding trend, Live-streaming is an advancement of technology which facilitates guests who cannot attend your wedding to watch it LIVE on platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Zoom etc. Live Streaming is a simple and cheap way to witness, record, and backup your wedding. This wedding trend in Los Angeles is another good way to interact and bond with almost everyone you know whether it is family, friends or colleagues. 

    The Los Angeles Videographers also provide the service of Livestreaming to make sure none of your family, friends or colleagues will miss out on your wedding day. We hope that the above mentioned wedding trends in Los Angeles will be helpful and applicable to your special wedding in 2022. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and refer to the latest trends in wedding videography and photography in Los Angeles. We would love to serve your wedding videography and photography needs and provide you with the best captures of your big day. Click here to reserve us for your beautiful wedding!

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