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4 Reasons Why A Winter Wedding Is A Perfect Time To Exchange Vows

    Winter Wedding

    Winter is a romantic time of the year to tie the knot and say your I dos. If you love the season and the excitement that comes with it, a winter wedding is what you need.

    Wedding fever reaches its peak in the summer. And, while hazy summer days lend themselves to a bright and sunny wedding, they aren’t the best for every couple.

    Winter weddings, particularly those around Christmas and New Year’s, are considered off-season by vendors. Couples are more likely to receive a more focused service and better value for money during the off-season because there is less demand for venues and suppliers. Weddings are expensive but a Winter wedding not only saves you money on your wedding but also helps you get a better deal on your honeymoon, flights, and accommodations.

    Here are the top reasons why a Winter wedding can brighten up your Big Day

    #1 A winter wedding brings an ambiance of romance

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    There is nothing quite like winter to add a unique and exquisitely romantic atmosphere to your special day. Winter weddings are ideal if your idea of romance is rich jewel tones, candlelight, and coziness rather than airy, bright beach days. It is also ideal for couples who love to add Christmas-related things. You can also choose a Christmas palette of reds, greens, and gold if you’d like to emphasize the holiday spirit on your special day.

    A winter wedding also pairs well with seasonal winter flowers like anemones, amaryllis, and ranunculuses, as well as winter greenery like evergreen wreaths and year-round showstoppers like calla lilies. 

    #2 More Choices at Better Rates

    One of the major benefits of Off-season weddings is the price drop. They’re an excellent option for weddings on a budget.

    Winter is the most affordable season of the year to book a wedding. Due to the low demand during the months of December through February, many wedding vendors provide discounts or are amenable to price negotiations.

    Furthermore, because most weddings take place between May and October, scheduling your wedding in November, January, or March is an excellent counter-strategy that allows you to select from a wider range of venues and dates.

    #3 Save money on out-of-town travel.

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    The benefits of a winter wedding go far beyond the happy couple. If you’re planning a destination wedding, booking during the winter months will save you and your guests money on travel and accommodations.

    Because summer is when schools are out, most families prefer to travel between June and August. High demand leads to limited options and high prices.

    During the winter, however, school is in session and people are back to work. That means you and your guests can benefit from off-season booking.

    If you want to book a wedding near the holiday season and then go from the wedding to a Christmas experience with friends and family, that’s also a great way to make your wedding unforgettable.

    #4 Fun Decoration Ideas and Accessories 

    Winter has a plethora of themes and motifs that you can incorporate into your Big day. You can go cute at the reception with snowflakes, pinecones, and a hot cocoa/cider station. Alternatively, a palette of merlot, black, and ivory could be used to create sophisticated romance. You can also keep warm and cozy by dressing up in elegant cover-ups and accessories. Keep warm in style with faux fur ear muffs and hand warmers, or accessorize the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses with adorable plaid wraps.

    Winter weddings also have the added benefit of extra decorations. After all, it is the holiday season!

    You can completely make use of the Christmas decorations already put up at the venue if you hold your wedding in January, right after Christmas.

    Even if you choose to have your winter wedding during the holiday season, many venues will be decorated for the occasion, which would add extra beauty and grandeur to the decorations you’ve already chosen.

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